Why Twitter chats are important to your business

We’ve all known for a while that Twitter is a powerful tool for sharing and spreading information quickly. It gives us 140 words to mold an understandable statement or question. However, what we didn’t know was how Twitter could be used to actually hold and form conversations.

Twitter chats are becoming more and more popular, especially among women. They happen when a group of Twitter users go online at a scheduled time and use a specified hashtag to follow the conversation. Usually, certain twitter chats are reoccurring, either weekly or monthly. They will be on specific topics and the host will pose questions, which will be followed by a flood of responses and resources shared by those participating in the chat.

So why are these chats important for you to be a part of? Well, for one, it gives you a chance to get expertise advice in a dynamic setting and from professionals. Experts will often share little secrets or bits of information that can be extremely useful to you in a subject you’ve been struggling with.

Twitter chats are also a great place to meet people in your field. You can look to see who is part of the chat, follow them, and then reach out through Twitter. This allows you to build new relationships and create new contacts that can become useful in the future.

As you join in the conversation via the hashtag, you are establishing yourself as someone who has expertise in your field. You are helping out other people, who can in turn help you. By joining these chats you will build credibility and obtain a greater audience.

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