Tips on How Your Business can Capitalize on Easter

shutterstock_94126459Easter celebrations have expanded beyond the religious sense into a more cultural celebration of spring. People will be decorating their homes, and buying treats and presents for friends and family. This is a big spending time for consumers. There are commercially viable operations businesses can do to change or present their product line to meet the demand of such a celebratory feeling.

Creating decorative themes in work places is a great way to raise morale and get everyone excited. Putting up Easter decorations can mean lighter color ribbons around, depictions of bunnies, and plastic eggs all throughout the office. This will break up the monotony of having to work in an office as well as add some color to the walls. This will result in increased motivation, sales and happier moods throughout the office.

It is also a great time to include incentives for customers. Plastic eggs filled with candy or toys can also both prove to be inexpensive Easter gifts for loved ones of customers who purchase a certain item, or exceed a certain amount. This will make customers happy buying from your business and then they will tell their friends and increase traffic for your store. Alternative to eggs, are Easter themed balloons, or cards too to send to clients. Do not limit yourself with just decorating the office, decorate the website, and any literature you send out.

Easter is also a great occasion to get in touch with clients and customers you have not seen in awhile, too. Send out Easter newsletters, reminding customers of how your business is changing for spring, or how your products can be used in the new spring environment. If you sell products, spread the word about how those products can be used for traditional Easter activities. Set up an Easter sale for all of the leftover merchandise from the winter to clear room for summer models.

Special events or sales can be a good way to capitalize on all the people out shopping during the time. Create an Easter Egg hunt, or special competitions for prizes to draw in the community to have your store be the backdrop to a good time. Invite employees and families to join to spread the cheer. Make accommodations for people of all ages to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

For stores like retailers, pharmacies, and grocers create a special Easter section where normal shoppers can be persuaded to buy extra decorations for their home. Items like candy, indoor and outdoor decorations, games, and arts and crafts will sell to people already in the store just for the convenience of not having to go somewhere else to buy them.

The Easter traditions have permeated homes nationwide, as the introduction of spring rejuvenates people and their shopping habits. Incorporate pastel colors, conventional images of rabbits, eggs, and greenery to your office or warehouse to lift the moods of the employees. When trying to reach out to new clients and customers, catch their eyes with these images while you inform them of new and exciting steps your company is taking. This time happens once a year and it would be a good move to recognize it and cater towards interested potential customers.

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