The importance of finding a good mentor

We all need people on our team. Someone who we can go to for advice, show us the ropes, encourage us, and inspire us. This is necessary in all aspects of our lives and especially in the workforce. That’s why it is important to find a mentor. Find someone you look up to and who has taken a career path that you admire.

How to find a good mentor:

  1. Know what you’re looking for. Before approaching someone to ask for advice or help, make sure they are the person you should be contacting. Do research on their background and what they specialize in as to know if they will be a good fit for your goals and aspirations.
  2. Look in unexpected places. You don’t necessarily have to look in the office for a mentor. You can find the perfect fit from relationships you have in your neighborhood or other organizations you are involved in.
  3. Use the right approach. When asking someone to help mentor you, make sure that you do so in a manner that is appropriate. Don’t be formal if it’s not a formal relationship and don’t be casual if it is someone above you in your office.
  4. Develop a relationship. This person will be a valuable resource to you. Make sure they know they are appreciated and continue to develop your relationship with them as you gain trust and friendship.

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