The Ideal Ways to Brand a Company in 2013

 BrandWhen a business decides to take the plunge into the evolving and extremely competitive economy, decision makers are tasked with deciding exactly where in public they want to instill their brand image. This task requires calculated decision making, as the marketplace in 2013 is different than ever before.

Modern leaders tend to lean very heavily on social media and internet technology, but traditional methods are still viable when it comes to brand outreach. Below I discuss the main areas of society that company leadership should use as platforms for the marketing of their service or product. If you are the one calling the shots for your enterprise or small business startup, these areas can be used to complement any existing strategy.

 1.     Radio.

Radio is a dated form of media, but dated does not necessarily equate to something becoming ineffective. Many people still listen to the radio each and every time they drive to work, and this is a prime platform for getting your brand out there. Voice over advertisements or company launch announcements slide easily into a radio program and can increase visibility in high volumes.

Main benefit: Radio offers a relatively cheap way to market and advertise a product or service. This traditional form of media is great for high volume, general business outreach.

2.     Print media.

Various forms of print media offer a straight forward and old-fashioned approach to imprinting a brand on the public. Whether it’s a magazine, newspaper or other publication the opportunities are relatively cheap and create immediate visibility. While it’s important to not rely on print to get your company exposure, it is a great supplement to a multifaceted scheme.

Main benefit: Although print seems to become more dated by the day, people will still read the newspaper and see content promoting your business. Circulations will continue, and as long as they do, it should be part of your marketing portfolio.

3.     People.

To truly instill your brand within your target demographic, you need to utilize the public. You can make a bigger impact with multiple touch points. They will see your message in print, and hear your message on the radio, but they’ll feel your brand when you offer promotional items printed with your message. You can introduce this aspect of sensory selling by offering promotional giveaways at events. They encourage engagement, add interest and offer a tangible touch point for your message. If you are able to provide an item like a customized tote bag, not only will the people receiving the bag feel appreciated, but they will become inherent brand endorsers each time they use your promotional tote after the event. This offers two valuable branding opportunities. You’re building brand loyalty with event attendees and reaching the public every time they carry your message. This can really imprint your company image in areas of the public that are much less accessible through traditional media and marketing techniques.

Main benefit: Providing promotional items introduces your products or services to a finite group of the public, and amplifies your message among the general public, offering a virtually infinite number of ad impressions with each use. Recipients become proponents of your company, whilst simultaneously marketing your image to others.

4.     Social media and internet.

A general platform of communication that cannot be ignored in any modern marketing strategy is the internet. Whether your approach includes banner ads or simply social media like Twitter and Pinterest, the internet is nearly mandatory in 2013. The volume of internet traffic and the creative possibilities involved with the World Wide Web offer too much to be excluded.

Main benefit: When coupled with traditional techniques, the internet can have a large impact on the branding of a company. Like any other business out there, it should be included in your marketing plan.

American business has and will continue to be successful as we push forward as a nation. However, to accomplish this it’s imperative that decision makers understand that the combination of both traditional and modern branding strategies offer an interdisciplinary outreach plan that is becoming increasingly necessary in this economy.

Hayley Scott is a writer and graphic design aficionado that loves Thai food, specifically green curry. When she’s not sketching a new logo design she writes for HALO Branded Solutions, a leader in personalized tote bags and other promotional items.



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