30 days of Pinspiration

Pinterest is on a roll. Last week, they announced their new business user accounts, which are awesome, and I think we all wish these had been available sooner. However, here they are now, so go and start strategically pinning your company to the top.

This week they have started their “30 days of Pinspiration” which will prove to be a big resource to everyone needing ideas for the holidays. If you’re in need of some Christmas inspiration, look no further than here. Every day, new piners, non-profits, and brands are sharing what inspires them. So far, we’ve gotten a look at how Katie Couric spends the holidays, Anthropologie’s gift ideas, and Budget Savy Diva’s advice on cyber Monday.

Besides being a great resource for tips and ideas, this is also a way to get your gears turning. Take a look at what others are pinning for the holidays and come up with some unique and helpful boards that you can share with your followers. The more you have to offer, the more people will want to follow you. And the more people follow you, the more your content will be shared, and thus the more traffic will be driven to your site.

So, head on over and check out these great inspiration boards for some ideas on how to bring the holiday spirit to your Pinterest page.

Tips for Successful Business Women Using Social Media to Reach Their Target Audience

In the new age of social media, is there a real business advantage, or is it simply meant for posting photos of your decadent dessert or having the highest score on Words with Friends? A recent survey indicates that there are over 144 million Americans that regularly use at least one social networking site. Interestingly enough, most of these social media outlets are dominated by women.

Retailers and women’s sites are booming with the recent popularity of their social networking pages and the draw to Pinterest is skyrocketing. Some retailers have even seen a 6000% traffic increase! In fact Pinterest drives more women to some websites than Facebook and Twitter combined. This is fascinating news if you are a business owner, salesperson, or marketing professional who needs to get attention to your company.

“Pinterest is the newest and fastest growing social media website today, and how to use Pinterest for business should be on your mind,” says social media and marketing specialist Bill Crosby. Reaching 10 million unique visitors each month, savvy and successful business women are taking advantage of this priceless marketing opportunity. He also indicates that 80% percent of its users are women, so it presents itself as a powerful marketing tool to help women in business attract literally millions of female customers that may have interest in the product or service. These marketing professionals and social media gurus are seeing their sales boom, their email marketing list grow, and their businesses thrive with the new opportunity social media networking sites present.

So just what are these wildly successful women doing that gets them noticed on the social media network? Read on to find out.

Savvy Social Media Secrets of Successful Business Women

Provide High Quality and Useful Information

Interest in your business will grow with each post you make with information your audience actually wants and needs. Your content should be unique and targeted for your audience. Providing useful information in an area in which you excel is the best way to become an influential user that people turn to.

Use Social Media as a Main Marketing Tool

You can find valuable information about what your customers and target audience like and want, and how they feel about promotions, contests and other strategies you use. You can get feedback on products and services and build an email marketing list from followers so you can contact them directly with offers.

Spotlight Your Goods

Give followers the chance get a more in depth look at your product or service. Physical retailers know that as customers interact with products they get attached to them and are more likely to buy them, make social media serve the same purpose. Show the manufacturing process, educate them about the history of your company, spotlight an employee, or show them the materials used to make your goods.

Directly Ask Your Customers What They Want

What better way is there to know what your customers want then asking them? Don’t be afraid to get product ideas and suggestions directly from your followers. You can even have them participate in the decision making process and making them feel they are being heard.

Many successful business women are utilizing the social media network to grow their businesses and are having extraordinary results. No matter what strategy you use, or what social network site you choose, be just be sure that you do take advantage of this remarkable marketing opportunity.