Things to never wear at the office

Guest post by Michelle Andrews from

While I don’t think that fashion is what defines a person, or that it is important to have the latest fashions lined up in your office, I do believe that there are certain things better left at home and never taken into the office. Office wardrobes can be tricky to define because each office is different. However, there is a group of special items of clothing that shouldn’t be included in any office wardrobe.

Uggs. These are not boots. They are slippers. Don’t pretend like they go well with skirts or dresses because they don’t. Leave the pajama wear at home this time.

Flip-flops. These are unprofessional and lazy. They signify to everyone that you are either going to the beach or about to shower in an unsanitary area. There are better alternatives to comfortable shoe-wear.

Torn clothing. You’re ripped jeans might seem cool to you, but they make you look like a punk teenager or just that you don’t care at all. You don’t want to give the impression of being  a grungy slacker while at work. So save the ripped jeans for when you are painting or something.

Sweats. Sweatshirts and sweatpants give off the vibe of wanting to lounge around all day. The office isn’t somewhere to be lazy and you definitely don’t want your boss thinking that’s your work ethic.

Leggings as pants. Leggings are supposed to be for yoga or working out. They can also be used to keep you warm around the house. Just don’t try wearing them as pants to the office.

If you keep these items away from the workplace, you will be all the more respected. People will take you more seriously and you will avoid any awkward conversations with your boss about appropriate articles of clothing for the office.

How campaign fashion is setting a precedent for your office wardrobe

The Presidential campaign is in full swing and the nation’s eyes are fixed on Obama vs Romney. However, it’s not just the men in the race that are getting all of the attention. Ann Romney and Michelle Obama have been in the limelight and their fashion choices are not going unnoticed.

Fashion on the campaign carpet

Michelle Obama has long been known for her tasteful and fashion forward wardrobe choices. She has the ability to find pieces at Target and make them look like a thousand bucks. At the same time, she’s able to wear something that is a thousand bucks and make it relatable to every woman in America. The public loves her and she’s managed to create a brand all her own through her wardrobe choices.

Ann Romney is managing to not look like a typical Stepford housewife. She is staying on top of fashion and doing a great job of mixing designer and non-brand name clothing, showing her flexibility.

Using their examples for our office wardrobe

Both women have shown that a classy wardrobe doesn’t have to just consist of pencil skirts and button-ups. We need to keep this in mind when finding pieces to add to our work wardrobe.

These women are in the news everyday and are photographed in what they are wearing on a daily basis. However, they are willing to mix and match parts of their wardrobe to create new outfits from old pieces of clothing they have had for years. They are also not afraid of color or trying out a new style.

Here are some tips inspired by these women that can help you look like a leading lady:

  • Use color. Don’t go crazy, but don’t be afraid of a bright pair of heels or colored pants.
  • Keep it classy. Keep your skirts knee-length and the straps on your dress at 2 inches wide. There’s a lot you can do with just those two rules.
  • Stick to your own style. Both of these women have found their “groove.” They know what works for them and find pieces they can add as part of a collection.

It’s always good to find women that are able to be fashion icons in the business world. Ann Romney and Michelle Obama do a great job.