Merry Christmas!

We hope that today everyone is at home and enjoying time with family and friends. We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the Damsels in Success team!

~”I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”~
Charles Dickens

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Holiday Travel bag essentials

For a lot of us, the holiday season means travel season. Whether it’s to visit family, friends, or just to get away, a lot of working women are ready for a travel break this time of year. One of the most stressful parts of traveling can occur before you’ve even left. Deciding what to pack and how much to pack is a process that can consume us for hours. In order to save you some stress and time, we’ve put together a list of our favorite and essential travel bag essentials. These are the things that you must have in your carry-on and will save you from any emergency.

Toothbrush/paste: After hours of traveling you will feel grimy and gross and you will probably not have the best smelling breath. Stick a small toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste in your bag to help you freshen up before you arrive at your destination.

Scarf and light jacket: Airplanes can often be unbearably cold and they aren’t handing out blankets like they used to. Make sure to have a scarf or light jacket to keep you warm.

Book or magazine: Airlines are still making us turn off all electronics during takeoff and landing, so you’ll want to bring something to keep you entertained during these “unplugged” moments.

Lip-gloss and Chap Stick: When travelling between places, you will experience different altitudes, as well as pressurized airplanes. Basically your lips will thank you for bringing along some moisturizer.

Lotion: For the same reasons as bringing lip-gloss, your skin will be parched after travelling. Plus, if you have a nice smelling lotion it will help you feel refreshed.

Extra outfit: You never know when you will come across unexpected travel trials so you want to be prepared. If your luggage gets lost for a day or you end up staying somewhere unexpectedly, it will come in handy to have an extra outfit so you don’t have to wear the same thing 3 days in a row.

Headphones or earplugs: Airplanes can be a noisy place and there is no getting away. If it’s a long flight you will almost always encounter a crying baby or snoring old man on the flight.

Makeup: Show up to your destination looking great by packing a few essentials from your makeup bag in your carry on.




Our favorite holiday gift guides

Are you running out of ideas for gifts for your friends and family? It can be overwhelming to find the perfect presents for everyone, but luckily there are some great gift guides out there to help you out. Here are the ones we are loving this year:



The Everygirl

This holiday guide gives you 8 different guides all for different categories. So whether you are looking for a gift for your mom, friend, toddler, or man friend, they have it. We love this guide because it has a range of prices and all of their picks are classy. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

A Cup of Jo

Every year, Joanna Goddard brings the world her holiday picks for sisters, mothers, husbands, and children. She has a knack for finding fun and a cool thing for everyone, so you will definitely want to stop by and see what she has conjured up this year.

The Gift Well Guide

It makes sense that some of our favorite clothing stores would have some of our favorite gift guides. Madewell certainly didn’t disappoint with over 250 gift ideas this year. We love this guide because there is such a broad range of ideas and you can get them all from the same place. I’ve already added several items from this guide to my wish list ;).


Go to their homepage and you will find the word “gifts” shining sparkly at you and you won’t be able to avoid clicking on all of their picks for this year. It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t want a set of their dishes or a cute pair of mugs as a gift.

Fashion Friday: What to wear to your office party

I love this time of year, for the food, lights, treats, and especially all of the parties. It’s one of the few months where my weekends all get booked up with fun parties and get-togethers. The office Christmas party is always a fun one, but it’s often hard to know what to wear. Is it casual? Fancy? A little more dressed up than usual? And what is appropriate? You definitely don’t want to show up as the odd ball out. Here are some ideas for outfits for different types of office parties:


Jeans with a nice top would work great at a casual party. Make sure to look nice, but don’t worry about dressing up. You don’t want to go overboard and stand out as the person who really cares about her appearance, rather than having a good time at the party.

Black pants and a cardigan would also be a great, casual option. The black pants are sliming and a cardigan can add pattern and color.


Say your company decides to rent out a ballroom or cool venue and declares it a black tie event. That’s easy for the guys, but what do we wear? Definitely a dress and definitely heels if you’ve got them. Since it’s cold outside tights aren’t a bad idea either.

Try a black on black combo with a statement necklace. Classy and fancy. You really can’t go wrong with black during the holidays.

If you want to be more festive, try a red or green dress with tights and sparkly shoes. This is a festive and still dressed up option for the night.

In between

For a party where you are expected to look nice but it’s not a black tie event, stick with a skirt and blouse or nice pants and a blouse. You will look classy, put together, and dressed for the occasion.

Office holiday party ideas

The holiday season is in full swing with lights, hot cocoa, and more Christmas trees being put up every day. You’ve probably even decorated your desk at work or set up a tree in the lobby of your building. One of the greatest parts of the holiday season is the parties and get-togethers between friends, family, and co-workers. However, planning these parties can be overwhelming, especially trying to come up with ideas for an office party where you have so many different types of personalities. You definitely don’t want your work party to be stiff or boring, so we’ve put together some ideas to help you through the process of creating a great office holiday party.

Create a good invitation. This is the first thing people will see that has to do with the party. It will ultimately help them decide if they are going or not. Make sure it looks good, has all of the necessary information, and gets them excited about going.

Make sure there is good food. People will always show up to parties and even bring other people with them if there is good food. If you have a small office and not very many employees, consider just going out to dinner somewhere fun with everyone. If you have a large office, pick a venue to have the party and have food catered. This will get everyone excited and you will have great attendance at the party.

Have good music. Make sure you put together a holiday playlist that you can have playing in the background during the party. This will bring in the holiday spirit, as well as guarantee no awkward silences.

Have a gift exchange. People love getting gifts this time of year, so have a gift exchange. If you have a small office, a Secret Santa could be fun. If your office is larger, try a white elephant exchange and tell employees to get creative. This is always a fun, lighthearted game and people leave with gifts!

Show your appreciation. This party is in part a fun get-together for everyone, but it is also a way to show your appreciation. Block away some time during the party to do a short presentation on the good work everyone has done during the year. Show some statistics, pump everyone up, and tell them thank you for their hard work that year.

Give them a gift. A nice gift to all of your employees is another way to show your appreciation and get them excited. It can be something little or big, depending on your budget. They will leave happy and ready for another year working for your company.

Why your business should have a holiday gift guide

I’ve already seen holiday gift guides popping up around the Internet, and it’s not even December 1st. Businesses know that people are already on the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts, and the sooner you tell them what they want, the sooner they will buy.

What exactly is a holiday gift guide? It’s a list of perfect gifts for a niche of people. So, if you have a company that specializes in golf gear, you could create “The perfect holiday gift guide for golfers,” or if you make jewelry you could make “The perfect holiday gift guide for any woman.” You can create a holiday gift guide for anything, here’s how:

  1. Target your audience. You are good at what you do and what you provide. Let your customers know that and create a guide that is directly targeted at those who are most likely to buy your products. You don’t want to make a guide that is irrelevant or unhelpful.
  2. Have variety. You want a gift guide that targets your audience, but gives them options. Highlight your best products, while also highlighting your cheaper options. Show them big gifts as well as stocking stuffers. They will appreciate the choices and you will attract more customers.
  3. Throw them a bone. Include any deals you have going on in the guide. Customers love getting a good deal, especially during the holidays, so make sure to let them know when they are.
  4. Make it look pretty. Christmas is a visually beautiful time of year, so make sure your guide is pretty as well. Include pictures of products and a nice header that will complement your guide.
  5. Promote. Once you’ve created your wonderful holiday gift guide, make sure people know about it. Blog about it, share it on all of your social mediums, and get others to share it when possible.

30 days of Pinspiration

Pinterest is on a roll. Last week, they announced their new business user accounts, which are awesome, and I think we all wish these had been available sooner. However, here they are now, so go and start strategically pinning your company to the top.

This week they have started their “30 days of Pinspiration” which will prove to be a big resource to everyone needing ideas for the holidays. If you’re in need of some Christmas inspiration, look no further than here. Every day, new piners, non-profits, and brands are sharing what inspires them. So far, we’ve gotten a look at how Katie Couric spends the holidays, Anthropologie’s gift ideas, and Budget Savy Diva’s advice on cyber Monday.

Besides being a great resource for tips and ideas, this is also a way to get your gears turning. Take a look at what others are pinning for the holidays and come up with some unique and helpful boards that you can share with your followers. The more you have to offer, the more people will want to follow you. And the more people follow you, the more your content will be shared, and thus the more traffic will be driven to your site.

So, head on over and check out these great inspiration boards for some ideas on how to bring the holiday spirit to your Pinterest page.