Fashion Friday: Spring and Summer 2013

imagesSpring is a time of growth and renewal, a time to shed winter’s layers and embrace the feeling of the sun on our bare skin. Flowers bloom, energy levels rise and attitudes are optimistic. Love is in the air.

Fashion designers have embraced the optimism of this season by unveiling some exciting new and recycled styles. According to the Macy’s Spring 2013 trend report, the top trends for spring are a reversal from last fall’s warm, ornate and bejewelled styles; this spring’s code words are fresh, feminine and full of contrast. Designers have pulled from iconic photography and the ‘it’ color of the year to influence their best designs for this spring.

Elements of Floral and Lace

With people spending more time outdoors, shorter dresses are back. Bright florals are definitely in, reflecting the gardens that are showing off their best right now, and bright colors are showing up to chase the winter chill away.

Lace can be found in trims, dresses and accessories to complement spring pastels. Bright eyelet lace makes a simple sundress ready for a garden party, while lace cutouts in leather makes an edgier number more feminine.

Ruffles are big this spring as well, as the focus shifts to soft, flowing styles perfect for the soothing winds that comes with spring temperatures. Soft dresses and ruffled skirts mimic the array of blooming flowers, while frilly ruffled tops can hide a thicker winter middle. Peplum is still going strong with spring fashion, accenting waists and taking attention away from hips—the overall effect helps create an hourglass figure. Find peplum shapes in a selection of dresses, skirts and tops.

Stripes are Back

Black and white is another big trend this spring. Designers drew inspiration from the iconic photographs of Helmut Newton, as we saw in the fashion mainstay, Vogue. Black and white is popping up everywhere, from contrasting lace panels, stripes and geometric prints, and the color combination is making bold statements in accessories.

Stripes are big this year, too. Patterns range from strong black-and-white versions to an array of colors on a candy-colored striped skirt. Mixing prints is still in, so pair your stripes with anything from a neutral, solid color to a bright floral print.

Iridescence is another big trend this spring. That rainbow-esque glimmer graced runways in small doses and big ways. Pick a piece that will highlight what you want to show off: a shiny bet for a great waist or a skirt to highlight legs. Or grab an iridescent accessory for a more conservative way of jumping on this spring fashion trend.

And the Color of Spring Is…

Arguably the biggest news for spring is the ‘it’ color, mint. It’s a sweet pastel version of emerald, the Pantone Color of the Year. Mint is perfect for blouses, dresses and enamel jewelry—pair it with emerald colors for a tonal take on the trend, or contrast it with bright red or orange for a fun, attention-grabbing outfit.

All pastel shades will complement the floaty skirts and retro-inspired fashions that are coming out in softer palettes. Add a bright accessory to add sass, black and white to add contrast or balance pastels with a nude piece to create a soft silhouette.

Color Picks

Whether it’s a creamy blouse, a bright pink dress or a sweet floral print on a scarf, color is a great way to brighten up your wardrobe. When deciding trends and themes for their fashion collections, designers take into account how different colors work with and against each other. Here are a few ways you can use color to your advantage this season:

  • Color blocking uses contrasting, vibrant blocks of color to generate some “wow” and highlight parts of the body. Pair unlikely color combinations: a soft yellow with a bright purple, emerald with a light pink, a bold blue with coral or orange details. Contrasting colors highlight what you want to bring attention to and adds interest to an outfit.
  • Use complementary colors (those across each other on the color wheel) and analogous colors (those close together on the color wheel) to contrast the season’s pastels with bright punches of color.
  • Try different shades of the same hue to throw together an outfit.

Spring is a fun season for fashion. Make use of the array of choices available in magazines, online and in retail stores. Pick out a flowing pastel frock, a striped shirt or a bold graphic bag to add some fun to your wardrobe and step out under spring’s sunny skies—because before you know it, it’ll be time to organize your summer work wardrobe.

Fashion Friday: Rockin’ the Monochrome Look

Spring fashion is often associated with bright floral and colorful prints but this year’s trend is somehow different. Black and white monochrome which previously been a hit during 60s is now back to impress our fashion conscious ladies. It’s elegant, it’s catchy and definitely not your ordinary chic outfit but dressing up in monochrome can be a real steal when perfectly pulled together.

Monochrome look is basically wearing one color and this commonly includes the black and white combination. Catwalk for spring-summer 2013 is recently filled with bold, chic and stylish black and white items from dresses, to bags and even shoes. Famous designers gave this interesting fashion pieces a modern twist to fit today’s trends.

If you think you’re ready to rock the monochrome look, here are some items you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

Patterned Skirts and Bottoms


When wearing monochromatic outfit, it is recommended that you put on items with structured prints such as stripes, polka dots, or herringbone. This will give you a polished look that can be appropriate for formal occasions or for office attire.

This striped mini skirt looks neat and can be paired with plain black top plus white purse and accessories. Throw in some blazer to achieve the classy professional look for your office attire. White shoes with black toe cap can also be worn to complete this ensemble.

If you’re a fan of ankle boots, wearing printed leggings or black and white miniskirt can be ideal for you. Wear a laced up ankle boots for casual look or sleek black booties for a more formal look. Leggings with vertical stripes will also make your legs look even more slender and sexy.

Glam and Sexy Tops


Create a leaner and sexier look with a tulip back striped top. This modern meets old fashioned look can be really stunning even when attending casual dates or meetings.

Color blocking can also be done when wearing monochromatic outfit. Get a plain white top and wear it with black leggings or pull on black top with white skinny jeans. Glam up your look with scarfs, bangles or necklaces and be ready for a night out in just a snap.

Chic and Stylish Dresses


Ready for a night out with your friends? How about wearing these fashionable dresses in monochrome? This Black White strapless cut out maxi dress will have you walking down the runway! Pair it with your platform ankle boots for an even sexier look.

If you’re in the mood for extra chic dresses, this Polka Dot Mesh Peplum dress is surely a head turner. Another High Contrast A Line Dress can also give you a simple but sweet look. You can also bring your black cardigan or trench coat just in case the night gets a little cooler.

Black and white is known for being a color of poise and glamour. But this year’s fashion trend made this monochrome made it more stylish and edgy. Raid your closet for your black and white items or shop for these fashionable items because monochromatic fashion is surely here to stay!

About the Author:

Scarlett Lee Rios is from Fullerton, California, a fashion writer and blogger for,  where you can buy a wide variety of women’s fashion clothing, shoes, boots like ankle boots and wedge boots as well as accessories at affordable prices. She is also doing part-time modeling for almost four years now.  Follow her on Twitter @scarlettleerios and check out her blog: MissSassyGirl.



Fashion Friday: Little Known Advantages of Wearing Makeup to Work

makeup-school-LCosmetics have been part of a woman’s wardrobe ever since time immemorial. In the ancient days, only the royalty ever bothered to put on makeup. They do so simply because it is part of court decorum. These days, however, the days of royal exclusivity are over and make up has since been made available for all women regardless of social standing and financial status. Anyone can wear make-up these days if they want to, or if the need arises.

Of course, like in most things, women have a choice whether or not they should wear makeup to an occasion. They also can decide for themselves the volume of makeup that they will apply. If they do not want to wear any makeup at all, then that is their prerogative. One cannot be forced to wear makeup because it actually does not make a significant difference outside of artificially changing how a woman looks, or so they think.

This brings up the question, “When does a woman actually need to wear makeup?” If you do your research, you will find that women are, in fact, advised to put on makeup when they go to work. Most of you will probably say that putting makeup on is an extra burden that eats up precious time, but what you ladies do not know is the fact that there are some benefits that one gets to enjoy if they take the time and make the necessary efforts to apply some make-up before they go to work. Yes, this can be very surprising to some, but there are indeed some advantages that women can get out of putting on some mascara or blush-on on their faces prior to heading over to the office.

A Study Reveals That Makeup Can Enhance One’s Chances of Workplace Success

Feminists are going to have a field day debating this, but a study undertaken by a Harvard professor actually reveals that women can make the most out of their careers with the aid of makeup. The study was reported in 2011 by New York Times correspondent Catherine St. Louis. It was led by Nancy Etcoff – a woman, not a man! – and was funded by Procter & Gamble. I had raised eyebrows when I first read St Louis’s article in the NY Times but, after careful consideration, I think the study had some good points that I thought I needed to share with you ladies through this blog.

In the study, Dr. Etcoff had three models photographed wearing varying intensities of makeup. Before you claim racism or discrimination, I would like to point out first that Dr. Etcoff’s team had specifically chosen the models according to their skin colour – one group is made up of African-Americans while the other two groups are Caucasian and Hispanic, respectively.  The models, 25 of them in total, were then presented to the subjects of the study. Reading the article back then, it came as a shock to me that most of the subjects considered those models that wore make up received the best scores from the participants for trustworthiness and competence.

Dr. Etcoff is quick to point out that it is not only the makeup that makes women look competent in a professional capacity. Makeup triggers a placebo effect, by which the lead researcher means that applying makeup makes certain women confident. I think the rationale behind the findings is that confidence that make up can bring. Dr. Etcoff adds a nice touch to the experiment by forbidding the subjects to look at the mirror, and that makes sense as the model’s perception could ruin that confident look for the picture.

So, before we go out of topic, you ladies should start thinking about how makeup can be quite advantageous in your goal of succeeding in a workplace. In my opinion, however, I believe that it is not the makeup but the confidence that a lady feels and outwardly exudes when she is wearing makeup that catches the attention of her counterparts.

Finally, Dr. Etcoff’s research states that, though makeup plays a part in gaining the trust of a lady’s office counterparts, the type of makeup will nail it. Glamorous or sensual make-up, the professor says, could make one look attractive but will not build up on the trust factor as time passes by.

About the Author:

While he certainly does not wear makeup to work, Ted Hunter does find ladies in the travel agent’s offices attractive when he comes to have them reserve a flight or cheap all inclusive holidays for him. Ted is a regular customer of Travel Republic, one of the largest travel agents in the United Kingdom.

Fashion Friday: Tips on Saving Money When Buying Shoes

shoesJust because you don’t have a lot money doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of some good pair of fabulous shoes. For the ladies, the love for shoes isn’t really about how much money do we have in order to buy them. Most of the times, it’s just about how creative and patient we are in finding ways how to steal a great discount to get our desired pair of shoes. Here are some tips on how you can find the greatest shoes, from ankle boots, wedge boots, pumps or flats at a great discount.

1.     Shop online

Not only because it is cheaper to buy online but also because you can choose from a lot of styles and brands that are often not available in different shoe stores. It can also save you a lot of time because you can browse, search and purchase your shoes with just some clicks instead of walking all around the shoe store. Ask your friends for their trusted online shops and browse for shoes that fit perfectly with your budget. Be mindful of their sizes because some shoes appear bigger or smaller onscreen than in real life.

2.     Take note of the Promo Codes

Many online shoe stores use promo codes to give additional discounts for their valued customers. The codes are often located at the top of the website or at the checkout page. Just enter the code and save 20 – 50% off your shoes!

3.     Buy quality shoes

Buying quality shoes that will last for more than a year is better than buying cheap shoes that will only last for months. While your concern is how to save money, you should also take note of the quality of shoes to buy so you can have it for much longer period of time. Apply proper care to your wedge boots and store it in a cool dry place to maintain its quality all through the season.

4.     Get the right timing

Buying shoes at a great discount is just a matter of timing! Consider buying shoes off season when the sales are low and shopping stores are offering big discounts to attract customers. Personal finance experts also suggest buying shoes on weekdays like Tuesday or Wednesday instead of weekends. Since most people buy shoes during their free time on weekends, shoe stores are often empty during weekdays. This will allow you to choose your kind of shoes and negotiate price if possible.

Women are notorious when it comes to our love for shoes but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be mindful of how we spend our money with our footwear. It is acceptable to own up to five pairs of everyday shoes but you don’t have to have a whole room of shoes just for the sake of it. If you start putting these tips to use, you will see a big difference in the amount of money spent on shoes in no time at all.

About the Author:

Scarlett Lee Rios is a fashion writer and blogger for where you can buy a wide variety of women’s fashion clothing, shoes, boots like ankle boots , and accessories at affordable prices who lives in Fullerton, California. She is also doing part-time modeling for almost four years now.  Follow her @scarlettleerios.


Fashion Friday: How to Accessorize in the Office

work attireMost working women want to look professional but also maintain a sense of style. After all, the modern working girl spends most of her day at her workplace! Wouldn’t it be nice for her to be able to wear outfits and accessories that showcase her personal style, make her look feminine and add flair to her overall look–without sacrificing professionalism?

These days, there are many ways to enliven work outfits while still looking appropriate for the office. Even if one works in a conservative office, there are still ways to add some zip to one’s basic look with fun additions like scarves and jewellery.

Add a belt. Let’s take the traditional suit, either trousers or skirt. This conventional outfit is mandatory in most conservative fields such as banking and the law. But it can get boring to don the same basic outfit day after day. The perfect solution is to use accessories wisely. For instance, a bright, skinny belt in a vivid hue can add a pop of color to a neutral suit and traditional blouse, without going overboard or looking out of place. If you cannot quite reach for the skinny belt look the you should find a broach or something to give the lapel of your jacket a little glitz.

Add jewelery. Alternatively, one could add classic earrings and a necklace or bracelet to add interest to a basic navy, black, brown or grey suit. And don’t forget the bag; a stylish and interesting day handbag or tote is a brilliant way to inject the working woman’s outfit with interest through color, texture or pattern. Even the most traditional workplace will tolerate a lovely leather bag in garnet, burnt orange or deep green.

Change up your hair. You should always look to use your hair too to reflect your sense of style and although a professional working women usually opts for a stylish up do this does not mean she cannot add a little something like a slide or clip to compliment her look.
What about a less conservative office environment? Here, a woman can experiment a bit more with fun accessories, but she should still keep norms for appropriate office dressing in mind. In a more casual and flexible office, a bright, patterned scarf may nicely accessorize trousers and a button-up or sweater set. Chunky-heeled pumps in an unexpected color or print can liven up a professional-looking pencil skirt or day dress. One can also typically wear more jewellery in casual workplaces without looking unprofessional or distracting. A bold cuff bracelet and small hoop earrings can be paired; or two or three necklaces in similar lengths and weights can be layered for a super modern, chic look that’s still appropriate for the office.

Use a fun handbag. Here, too, an interesting handbag goes a long way to accessorize any work outfit. A bright bag can brighten a working woman’s look on her commute or at lunch, but then can be put aside while in the office, allowing her to maintain a professional look. Vivid colors are the rage right now, with gorgeous leather bags and totes abounding in shades of mustard, dark red and even royal blue.

A reliable tip is to keep an eye on how the higher-ups in one’s office dress and accessorize, and take one’s cues from them. There’s always room for stylish and feminine accessories within a professional look. Belts, shoes, jewellery, scarves and bags give the working woman plenty of opportunity to accessorize with flair but still be properly attired.

Author Bio:

Rebecca is a fashion student who has aspirations to design her own wedding gown collection and run her own specialist wedding boutique, she works at Samara James helping people choose one of their exquisite diamond engagement rings to pop the question with . If you wanted to revamp your work wardrobe then consider hiring a fashion consultant to get a professional look.


Fashion Friday: How to wear scarves to work

This past week it has been frigid, we are talking below zero temperatures. This isn’t the norm for a winter here, so it’s taken most of us off guard and we find ourselves putting on as many layers as we can. I have a wool scarf that I put on every day and it’s the only thing that keeps my neck and face warm. However, it’s pretty chunky and not the most professional looking. This got me thinking, what types of scarves are appropriate for work and how should I wear them? Here’s what I’ve found:

linen scarf

Linen scarves are versatile and look professional. A linen scarf is great for fall, winter, and spring. They are lightweight and can be worn in a variety of ways. Wearing a neutral colored linen scarf with a skirt and blouse is a great professional look for winter.

silk scarf

Silk scarves are still in. I always associate silk scarves with my grandma. I was nervous to try one out of fear of looking older than I wanted or simply just not looking fashionable. However, a silk scarf can look amazing when worn right. Pick a pop of color, wear it with a denim top and you are bound to look great. If denim is too casual for your office, wear it with a blouse, tuck it into a button up, or tie one around your purse as an accessory.

Scarves add femininity. Sometimes I start to feel a bit like a man if I’ve worn button ups and pants to work for a few times in a row. I often get bored or frustrated with my work wardrobe. Scarves can fix that! I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me before, but adding a scarf to an outfit adds the perfect touch of femininity.


Patterns are good. In the winter my wardrobe starts to get a bit bland. With heavy coats and so many grey and black sweaters, I start to look incredibly monochromatic and blah. Scarves are the perfect way to add in something new and break up a dull outfit.


Fashion Friday: 6 Office wardrobe essentials

Dressing for the office can sometimes be tricky, between trying to find a balance of fashionable and conservative. You want to look the part and be treated with the respect you deserve and have earned. Here are 6 office wardrobe essentials that you can mix and match with other pieces and keep you looking great all the time. These are timeless, classy, and always fashionable.

1. Black pumps. These heels will match anything. They give you some height, make your legs look great, and are perfect for any meeting or client pitch you have.










2. White blouse. There are tons of varieties of the white blouse, and all will give you a tailored look that is timeless. The nice thing about this blouse is you can wear it with a skirt or pants.

White blouse

3. Wide-leg trousers. These are great for days that you don’t want to wear a skirt. They are just as professional, go with everything, and can be super comfortable.

wide trousers
4. Classic, sturdy bag. You don’t want to show up to work with a backpack that you used to wear in college. Invest in a good bag that will be able to hold everything you need while still looking put together.

5. Blazer. Get a blazer in a neutral color that matches most of your skirts and pants. You will be able to throw this on when you get cold and it makes an outfit looked completely polished.


6. Pencil skirt. These are making a comeback in all sorts of colors and fabrics. Make sure to have a few that you can mix with different tops and jackets. Black and khaki are always a good staple and you can mix it up with some other colors for different seasons.

pencil skirt


Fashion Friday: What to wear to an interview

interview outfitWith the new year coming in full force, many of us are evaluating what we want to accomplish in our lives. For some, that means a new job or a promotion. In order to help you make these dreams come true, we have some tips on what to wear to an interview.

For any interview you want to be noticed for your skills, experiences and what you can offer the company. However, it is often your appearance that is first noticed and this is what peoples initial impressions are based on. Your appearance will be seen as a reflection of your personality, professionalism and attitude to work so it is important that you get it right. Although your outer appearance is very important you aren’t being judged for being the most the most stylish, you want to come across professional, polished and confident.

As every business has different values, cultures and interview processes there is no one fit all rule for all. It is always better that you are dressed too smart than casual, if it isn’t stated what you should wear it is usually safe to assume that formal wear is expected. If you are still unsure don’t be afraid to ask what is appropriate, this won’t reflect badly on you it is a sign of your good organization and preparation skills.

You don’t have to leave your personal style behind in an interview, you can still wear items such as jewellery that say something about you, do remember that these items are very subjective you don’t want to wear anything that the interviewer may take a dislike to, so choose carefully. It is important to differentiate your personal and professional image, if you are looking to perform well and are really interested in the role, you will be more concerned about coming across as professional, not concerned with the latest trend.

For women in particular it can be hard to get this balance right, there are endless options of color, style and fit for work wear. In general men have more of a uniform which they can follow. A suit isn’t necessarily required but it may prove a good option as you won’t need to search the shops for coordinating items, darker colors portray authority and look really polished. Grey, black or navy works really well as it will be easy to choose a matching shirt or blouse. It is recommended that you wear a plain white or pale colored shirt or blouse that is well fitted, also ensure that it is modestly cut and no cleavage is showing. If you do choose a skirt, make sure that it is cut no shorter than the knee, tights are usually expected to be worn too. Fit is really important when choosing you will need to find something that fits you well complementing your body shape. This way you will feel good in what you are wearing meaning you will come across more confident in your interview and be more focused on any questions asked. The interviewer is far more likely to choose a candidate that is comfortable and relaxed and even the most confident and employable candidate can appear up tight and awkward when their clothes are making them seem uncomfortable. Although it may be frustrating having to purchase new clothes for an interview, it is definitely worth it if it gives you the upper hand in any roles that you apply for, plus the same outfit can be worn for any other future interviews.

Once your clothes have been decided, don’t forget about the smaller details, they are really important and may count in your favour if you get them right. Shoes are a detail that may forget about, ensure that they are well polished and match your suit or skirt, heels are fine to wear but just make sure that they aren’t too high, you will want to be comfortable. Your favourite black party heels will not be appropriate for an interview, have a look at the smart women’s shoes here so you can get more of an idea. For women make up should be simple and understated. Your hair should also be neat and tidy with no extreme hair colours or cuts, making sure that it is off your face. If possible any tattoos or facial piercings other than your ears that you have should be covered up. All this will make you look really polished and professional.

Finally, once you are sat in the interview don’t focus on what you are wearing at this point you have done all the hard work so make sure that you show them that. Good luck!

Fashion Friday: Picking the Perfect Pearls for Christmas

pearls Christmas party season is firmly upon us and it’s important to look our best when we head out with our friends and colleagues this festive period. Most women will buy a new dress (or ten) for the festive party circuit but it is also essential to pay attention to the accessories worn alongside these new outfits. So far as Christmas is concerned, one of the most striking and elegant forms of jewellery to accessorise with is undoubtedly that of pearls and it is little wonder that many women turn their attention to pearl jewellery during this period.

Buying pearl gifts might not be able to wait until Christmas because, by then, it will be too late to show them off at the array of Christmas parties that are likely to be filling the calendars over the next few weeks. Pearls are such a stylish and eye-catching accessory and the wintery conditions that are begin to envelope the country are the perfect backdrop to really make pearls stand out (not that they need any help in that department).

The only difficult in wearing pearls for Christmas is narrowing your choices down. There are so many fantastic varieties of pearl jewellery to choose from including pearl rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Such is the diversity of options, you’ll likely find it difficult to decide upon which type of pearl jewellery to wear for your Christmas parties. Fortunately, however, one of the finest characteristics of pearls is the fact that they are so universally stylish and elegant that they will go with almost any outfit that you choose to wear to your festive parties and you can’t really go wrong in this respect.

Let’s take a look at three of the most striking examples of pearls that would look perfect for any Christmas party:

Pearl Bracelet:
pearl braceletY
ou simply cannot beat a simple and elegant pearl bracelet when it comes to adding an unparalleled level of sophistication to your outfit. A fantastic example of the sort of beautiful pearls that are available out there is this eye-catching multi-coloured Freshwater pearl bracelet with 18ct gold clasp. This will add the perfect finishing touch to any stylish dress that you opt for at your Christmas parties this year.



Pearl Earrings:

pearl earrings To add to the wintery feel of your Christmas outfit, you can’t go too far wrong with a beautiful pair of drop earrings. They will add significantly to the style of your outfit and offer a dazzling aesthetic appeal that will ensure that all eyes are on you at the Christmas parties this year. These beautiful grey baroque Tahitian pearl drop earrings will bewitch and impress in equal measure and they are mesmerizingly stylish and elegant. The perfect Christmas choice.


Pearl Necklace:

pearl4Pearl necklaces are a staple of all women’s jewellery boxes and this is testament to the timeless appeal of this sort of beautiful accessory. The perfect embodiment of the luxurious nature of pearls is this stunning white Freshwater pearl rope necklace which will superbly finish off your look this Christmas period. Pearl necklaces come in many different varieties such as Tahitian, Akoya and black pearls but for the perfect understated accessory for a winter outfit, Freshwater pearls are the perfect choice.

All images are copyright and have been used with permission of Winterson Pearl Jewellery.

Fashion Friday: How to wear sequins and sparkles

Between Christmas and New Years, there are several opportunities to bring out your sparkle. Sequined skirts, dresses, and shirts are everywhere right now and can be the perfect touch of glam for a holiday party. However, it’s easy to get excited and go a little overboard with the shimmer. Here are some ideas for wearing sequins but not looking like a disco ball.

Add a sequined belt to your outfit. These are the perfect small touch of sparkle and are still super classy. You can wear them in both gold and silver.

Sequin skirts are all the rage right now for holiday parties. Sometimes they can feel like too much, but one that is simple and paired with a sweater or heavier fabric to contrast it, it can be a great holiday outfit.

Sequined tank tops are also a great way to wear sparkle. You can pair them with jeans, nice pants, or a skirt. I love how versatile they are! It’s also easy to throw a cardigan over it to play down the sparkle.

If you are still scared to fully commit to sequins, try adding some in with your accessories. Sparkly phone cases are a great way to add them into your wardrobe and they are a fun change from your normal phone case.