Why Education is So Important for Women to be Successful

Schoolgirl_Pune_IndiaThroughout history, women have been portrayed from mild-mannered to clueless to strong and smart. However, with many women still making less than their male counterparts, education has become much more important for a woman to be successful in today’s world. When looking at a higher education degree online, knowledge is the key to success. 


For most women to be successful, their education needs to let them make as much money as possible. A good salary is tied in with so many aspects of success in today’s world, from buying the latest designer clothing to living in the biggest house in the neighborhood. Earning a high income lets women be successful in all this and more.

Raising Children

Success in educational endeavors continues to be important to women raising children. Not only does it show women as positive role models, it also teaches kids to never give up and be disciplined and self-motivated in their own educations. Education throughout the ages has provided such women as Madam Curie and others, demonstrating that women play perhaps the most important role in how children view education.

Career Options

Obtaining an education gives women choices in life. Looking at a Masters in Education Degree resource, women are able to choose how they live rather than having to rely on men to support them. Sometimes it’s the other way around, with men having to rely on women to help them financially. Now there’s a switch that would make all the early supporters of equal rights very happy.


This is perhaps the most important reason education is so vital for women to be successful. Having confidence in one’s abilities is key to success in all aspects of life, be it relationships, raising kids, job success or more. While we have all met folks who could use perhaps a bit less self-confidence in their lives, having a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem can help women go far in achieving their goals both personally and professionally. After all, years ago people laughed when a young girl would say she wanted to grow up and be President of the United States. As we now know, that is not only possible but also quite likely in the years to come.

Gender Equality

As more women become the primary breadwinners in families, they prove to be the difference between families living comfortably or living in poverty. Without educated women, more families than ever before would be struggling financially.

Discover Your Passion in Five Useful College Majors for Women Entrepreneurs

imagesOperating a prosperous small company is definitely an aspiration for several young women. Most entrepreneurs fulfill this ambition after they immediately discover their niche while earning their college degree and take pleasure in the advantages of owning a company they adore. For a few others, the small business prosperity picture may feel miles away.

The distinction between dreams and real-life is within the education selections that potential small business entrepreneurs come up with while in school and within the college majors that women seek.

Strive for something unconventional, step out against the masses,and discover your interests and your obsessions. 

Previous to launching any sort of enterprise, women must start with a perspective; ponder on places they want to be several years later; and consider what solutions they intend to deliver to the general public and to their communities. Likewise, women should consider the academic diploma that is going to give them the skill-sets to launch their venture.

Necessity and quantity principles imply that when a lot of folks start the identical small business, it gets significantly tough to be competitive. That’s why women business owners really should study programs that other women usually do not take on.

Identifying Your Domain Through Learning Business Fundamentals

In addition to discovering passions and interests, women also need to seek a major of study that complements small businesses. The bottom-line is, “the degree entrepreneurs go for really should match both their inner-strengths and also deliver resources to enable them to participate in business sectors.” Women can find schools that offer such tools by visiting education search engines like Degree Jungle.

Have a look at Forbes Woman’s five, most-popular college and university majors for small business owners and find out if your passion sits within one of them.

Statistics:  Every small company deals with information. A statistics major will definitely assist women in moving numbers around to the extent that they can create more suitable long-term decisions. Stat majors can effortlessly analyze data in valuable approaches and deliver mathematical justifications for activities such as launching products, employing additional men and women and applying strategies. It really is favorable for women business owners to have solid information at their fingertips, data they can easily safeguard and study for future operations.

Computer Information Systems: Technology impacts almost every facet of business, and the expense of hiring virtual CIO solutions can be costly. Problem solving is certainly a typical quality between CIS grads; this major includes an extraordinary assortment of talents. Social media networking, search engine marketing and desktop management, each useful skill-sets any type of business could profit from.

Communications: Every small business entrepreneur really should have the ability to communicate naturally. Communication studies connect to the methods humans interact with each other, and so certainly, the communications major receives an understanding of spoken and nonverbal messaging, useful assets when it comes to taking care of clients and staff members, and society.

Financial Planning and Management: Finance is definitely the center of enterprise, and without it, absolutely no establishment can stay alive. This is certainly the reason why supervision of money sources is vital and the reason why entrepreneurs must know the ins-and-outs of money management. The financial management major educates women in the best ways to assess their company’s economic performance through forecasting, profile managing, money control, global money management, and investment risk management.

Economics: This particular major offers women broad views of the functions of quality, expense and price. These concepts are required to learn small business economics, which helps women become more competitive with other entrepreneurs throughout market arenas.


About the author: Geoffrey Harrison is an experienced education writer specializing in career path guidance and scholarship acquisition. A frequent contributor to education resource site DegreeJungle, Geoffrey enjoys spending time with his family at their home in Madison, Wisconsin.

Teen Success Principles: Tips on Taking a Gap Semester

downloadWhile some students like to jump right into college once they’re finished with high school, others like to take a break before moving on to higher education. Some students might do this to de-stress after completing 12 years of schooling and before moving on to more difficult challenges, while others take the time to find an internship, travel around the world, or volunteer for a special project.

This break before college is called a gap semester or a gap year, and although some might think it is a waste of time it can carry several benefits for students that use it to their advantage.

What a Gap Semester is Not

A gap semester is not an opportunity to get some free time before starting college. It is a chance for students to see and experience the world outside of high school and college so that they can be better prepared for higher education. A gap semester should give students the opportunity to add new work opportunities, internships, and volunteer experiences to a resume or college application.

Some students may be able to get into the college of their choice based on their GPA or ACT scores, but the best colleges also look for things like extracurricular activities and community service to determine who should be accepted.

Many students take the time during high school to complete these tasks and gain valuable life experiences, but for those who decided to forgo extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences in lieu of focusing on studies, a gap semester can be the chance to make up for lost time.

In other words, students should use their gap semesters wisely and not waste their time.

How to Spend a Gap Semester

The great aspect about a gap semester is that students can spend them however they want as long as they’re being productive. A popular option is to take a gap semester trip abroad. This can be a great time to travel to different parts of the world to study, teach, or champion causes having to do with public health, urbanization, and environmentalism. There are several travel abroad programs, many of which are offered by high schools and colleges all over the world.

Other options available to students who want to take a gap semester or a gap year but don’t wish to travel abroad include volunteering for a non-profit, finding a paid or unpaid internship related to a career that might interest them, or simply working a summer job to see what living in the “real world” is like.

Use the Time to Keep Your Focus

Students should by no means be afraid to take some time off before beginning college with a gap semester or gap year. Although some people might be afraid that a student who doesn’t jump immediately into college will somehow lose their motivation, the truth is that many students who take a gap semester find that they are more motivated, more focused, and more mature than those who attend classes almost non-stop until they have a degree. They have had more time to think about what they want to do, and they have experienced things that might influence their future plans.

Always remember that there is nothing wrong with putting off college for a semester or a year, just as long as you use your time wisely.

About the Author: Tom Wilkins is a stay-at-home career writer – he prides himself on staying up to date on the latest tips and recommendations when it comes to education, training and ways to make the most of both – if you’re interested in researching more information on gap years, check out the ARCC Trips page of the Adventure Cross Country website.