4 Ways to Build a Good Relationship with Each Customer

customer-always-rightMaintaining a solid customer base is essential for business success. It is cheaper to retain existing customers than to recruit new ones. In addition, one dissatisfied customer typically complains to approximately twenty acquaintances or family members, which spreads a negative impression of a business.

To build good relationships with your customers, consider the following suggestions.

Send birthday postcards

Customer service is a dying art, and many people love the personal touch of receiving individual messages from the professionals they do business with. If your office files contain the birth month and date of your customers, set up a tickler system for your file to remind clerical staff to send out birthday postcards. For about a dollar, you can generate customers’ good will and keep them coming back. Further, a visual postcard is a marketing tool for others who see it.

Initiate a few marketing techniques

Visit www.dentalmarketing.net for ideas and assistance in finding affordable and innovative ways to earn your customers’ gratitude and appreciation. Occasional free gifts, discounted rates, or an annual holiday gift (like a car wash coupon) can make customers feel good about doing business with your company.

Use positive communication techniques

Be a good listener when a customer has a concern or complaint. Encourage staff to smile and compliment customers in sincere ways; everyone feels better as a result. If a mistake occurs, be ready to apologize and make things right. In lawsuits involving businesses, many plaintiffs claim they only want an apology from the company, and a correction of the problem, if possible. Don’t let the office phone keep callers on hold for more than 30 seconds at a time. Return messages promptly, and consider using email, Website feedback, and social networking to promote more timely and effective communication between customers and staff.

Be friendly and supportive

Get to know each customer by name. Treat every person respectfully, and keep in mind any family information they share so you can follow up at the next visit. Consider supporting community sports where customers’ kids are involved.

Giving each customer individual attention is a great way to make them feel special and valued. In return, they are likely to continue doing business with you, and will probably refer friends and relatives, as well. Common courtesy is free, and yet it can generate a sizable return on investment when we take a few minutes to treat others kindly.

Four Ways Companies are Trying to Better Serve Their Customers

Store-Associate-Helping-Customers1-580x360One of the biggest priorities of any company is providing excellent customer service. After all, if your customers aren’t happy, your business won’t thrive no matter how great your products or services are. From using products provided by http://www.mshare.net/mindshare-platform/ to employing various feedback channels, there are a host of ways that businesses focus on customer service.

1. Social media opens the door for multiple ways to contact a business. From direct messages on Facebook to Tweets on Twitter, businesses are utilizing their social media applications to hear from and respond to consumers. Ideally, these social media platforms will be manned around-the-clock so that customers don’t have to wait long to hear back. Just knowing that there are various ways to contact a business is great for customer satisfaction, though, even if it takes a couple of days to get a response.

2. The best customer service departments know that “no” is never an answer. Not every single request can be met by a business. However, that doesn’t mean that customer service should just shut down a customer without giving an alternative. It’s important to help out customers as much as possible, no matter what. When a customer requests something that just isn’t possible, the customer service rep shouldn’t simply say “no” and hope to be finished with the phone call. Instead, they should offer any type of alternative that will appease the customer.

3. Customer service has to be reliable. More and more, businesses are realizing that being great during a season or around the holidays isn’t enough. Customers have to know that every single time they call, they’ll be handled in the same, upstanding way. Never knowing what you’re going to get when you call customer service is sometimes more frustrating than simply expecting the worst. Plus, when some customer reps are helpful and others are not, it’s difficult to get the same answer twice, which is a common gripe amongst customers. Great customer service should occur every single day, no matter what.

4. In an age of Internet marketing and living our lives online, it’s refreshing to deal with people in person. Not every business can accomplish this, but some can, especially if they cater to the local community. Going the distance, both figuratively and literally, is a huge boost for customer service ratings. Customers want to know that they’re more than just another phone call that’s waiting in the queue. Handling customers personally makes them feel respected as individuals.

Creative ways to attract new customers

New-customersAnytime you have a business you need customers. They are your lifeblood and how you keep things staying afloat financially. You need to fully understand your target audience, learn things about them, and what means of marketing will create those connections with them and attract them to you specifically. Depending on their age or educational level, difference modes might be more effective. If your target audience is the elderly, perhaps consider using paper mailers instead of high tech things since that is what they grew up with and are used to. Both means of communication are relatively inexpensive.

If you are targeting a younger very educated audience, perhaps using the newest products in the technology field will help them to be excited about what you are offering and show you are hip and up to date. There is always the option of using an interactive agency to help market your product. They can be a good resource because they specialize in marketing and advertising so they have done plenty of research in searching out what works and what doesn’t. They are paid to be creative and come up with something good to help you attract new customers. However great these agencies might be, there are also fun ways to attract new customers on your own without having to hire out an additional company.

1. The first way to attract new customers is to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with people and to get them interested in what you are trying to sell.  I know I for one am on Facebook a decent amount, and when places I like say they advertise on Facebook or even have coupons I tend to check out their page.  This is a very inexpensive and global way to get your name out there to a lot of potential new customers.

2. A second creative way to attract new customers is to run a sale with a daily deal site. Tons and tons of people like deals and coupons, this is a great way to get a new face on board with your company. There are many daily deal sites out there so team up with one such as Groupon or Living Social and see that happens.

3. A third fun way to attract new customers is to hold a contest on your site. People like competition. See how popular Doritos was after they had the contest to make your own Superbowl commercial and then they aired the top two?

4. A fourth way to attract new customers is to utilize Pinterest. This is the same concept as Facebook. it is a popular site that a lot of people are on each and every day.

5. A fifth way to attract new customers is to have t-shirt giveaways. I don’t know what it is, but this marketing technique works because people get excited. Especially college aged individuals if that happens to be your target audience. So have some fun, get creative, and see some new customers emerge.