Top Businesswomen in Utah

I currently reside in the state of Utah. It’s a place for awesome outdoor activities, awesome food, and awesome people. It’s not where I grew up (I’m more of a southern gal) but it’s home for now and I thought it’d be fun to feature some of the wonderful women in this state. Plus, I’m attending the Women’s Business Celebration in Salt Lake on Wednesday so we will see if my post features any of the women they highlight. So here are my top women in business in Utah:

Sandie Tillotson, Nu Skin

Sandie Tillotson is the co-founder of Nu Skin Enterprises. The company, founded in 1984, earned US $1.74 billion in revenue last year in 52 international markets. They have also been listed in Forbes “100 Most Trustworthy Companies.” Nu Skin develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements. They are currently expanding their headquarters to include a state-of-the-art Innovation Center.

Shani Allsop, MediConnect Global

Shani Allsop has worked with MediConnect Global for the past 8 years. When she first started, it was a small startup of 70 people, and she has helped it grow to what it is now…1,500 employees working around the world. As COO, she heads up all operations for the company and plays a big role in their hiring efforts.

Christine M. Archibald, Management Plus

Christine is the CEO of ManagementPlus, a company that provides electronic health records and practice management software. She has led the company for the past 15 years and has helped involve them in the community through projects and donations. She has also led the sales team, who had their best ever year in 2011.

Mary Scott, Fishbowl

Mary is currently the president of Fishbowl, a company that makes it possible for small and midsize businesses to have the same level inventory control solutions that large organizations enjoy. Fishbowl has also become the #1 requested inventory solution for QuickBooks. Mary has also helped create a charity organization that helps underprivileged individuals gain new job skills so they can improve their lives by finding better employment.


Women in business: the statistics

In the past several years, women have become more prominent in the business field. It’s a step in the right direction, but there is still a lot of room to grow. Here’s a look into the hard facts. We’ve compiled some statistics that shows the growth and where we are now (as of 2011).

  • 2005: 7 CEO’s in Fortune 500           2011: 12 CEO’s in Fortune 500
  • The number of women-owned companies with 100 or more employees has increased at nearly twice the growth rate of all other companies.
  • Family owned businesses: Female-owned are 1.7 times more productive than male-owned.
  • One in five firms with over $1 million in revenue are woman-owned.
  • Women-owned businesses are more philanthropically active. Over half contribute over $25,000 annually to charity.
  • There are over 10.6 million privately-held firms
    • They generate $1.9 trillion in annual sales
    • Employ approximately 13 million people nationwide

It has been proven that in a woman-owned business, employees are more gender balanced and the firms are more charitable. Women are setting a precedent in the field of business and they aren’t slowing down. We are excited to see what the future brings for us. Do you think the future is bright for women in business? Will the numbers continue to grow?

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