Switching Careers? Five Things You Need to Know First

bigstock-Career-Path-Sign-8832373Switching careers can provide a new start for someone who is unhappy in a current position. It is also a necessity for individuals who are working in industries that are changing or slowly vanishing. Entering a new career field is not easy and requires a large amount of planning. Anyone who is changing careers should understand five points before starting the process.

5. Competition

There will be heavy competition for open jobs in nearly all industries. The only exceptions are highly specialized niche positions or constantly expanding areas like healthcare. Finding a first job within a new field of work will likely be difficult. Additionally, anyone who is new to a career will be starting from the bottom as one of the least qualified candidates in the field. This means that finding a job in the new industry could take time and might result in an entry-level or probationary position.

4. Credit Matters

Anyone who has been working in a single job for years might be unaware of some of the changes in hiring practices. It is becoming increasingly common for employers across a range of industries to check the credit of potential employees. This is sometimes done even when jobs do not involve the handling of personal financial information. One way to resolve this before changing careers is to seek the help of premier credit repair services. These services can help to remove mistakes and improve personal credit scores.

3. No Benefits

Changing careers sometimes means that it will be necessary to go for a certain period without benefits. Employers might not provide medical benefits until the end of a probationary period of 30 to 90 days. Similarly, retirement accounts and other benefits that might be familiar in an existing job could take months or longer to start. This could result in costly payments in order to keep personal benefits from a previous employer. It could also result in lapses in coverage and potential loss of some benefits related to savings and retirement accounts.

2. Every Career Involves Politics

Changing careers should be done for the right reasons. Nearly every type of job and every work environment will have some type of internal politics. The dynamics of a workplace do not change all that much even though the focus of the work is different. This is important to understand since some people attempt to change careers in order to avoid politics or office drama.

1. A Complete Change Takes Years

The most important point to understand is that it will take years to become established in a new career. This is true even for individuals who have taken the time to gain all of the education and certifications necessary before starting. Anyone switching careers should expect to spend several years gaining the experience and expertise necessary to become fully established within the new industry.

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