Staying on Task in the Office

woman-bored-at-work-looking-out-windowOne way to ensure you’ll stay focused on task in the office, with consistency, is to narrow your “To Do” lists with tasks that must be completed in eight hours daily. Your eight-hour list is condensed to crucial tasks with deadlines that cannot be missed. If you are a person motivated by pressure, you can adapt your deadline lists for six or four hours. Remember to include scheduled breaks within your deadline list, every 90 minutes or every 50 minutes.

When you mark each item on your list for the day, “oh, the satisfaction you will feel, ” you have the option to add other items of high critical weight, or save them for the next day’s short list. You could add a high-interest, less intensive task that you’ve been putting off, just to round off your efficiency quota at the end of each day.

You’ll find your attitude toward your work progress will lift as you see definite success. The last critical task of your to do list each day is to draw up the next day’s “short list”.

Often when beginning to implement a new routine, having a new launch point insures your success. The best examples of good motivators in this kind of focus effort are:
1) a new organization tool, and 2) a method of stimulating your brain and thinking process to direct it into focus mode.

The first solution, find a new digital tool that provides “reminder alerts” of critical tasks and upcoming deadlines. There are many available, an example would be Wunderlist. The helpful feature in this software is that you can “star” curtail tasks from your short list and they’ll remain upfront, in view on your screen, whenever you are logged in to the Wunderlist. You can also use an alarm on your smart phone or tablet.

Renewed focus on tasks requires a mental boost that helps your focus as you work through your task list. Some people get reverse effects from drinking too much coffee, others have diagnosed or undiagnosed ADD/ADHA, (adults have it too!), or perhaps you have chronic pain from an injury that interrupts concentration when sitting at the desk for a while. There are many reasons for poor attention and focus, but the simplest solution is to use readily available essential oils to remove the distractions, period. There is a blend of essential oils called Jeddy’s Blend. It is an innovative solution that is proven to aid your brain achieve deeper focus, and relieves chronic pain that robs you of concentration.

Apply Jeddy’s blend (you can even use the coupon tryspark10 for 10% off) to the body’s greatest absorption point each morning, the bottoms of your feet. After work, follow up with a second application. That’s it, twice a day, each day, your body revives it’s top potential for high focus. To partner with Jeddy’s Blend you can buy a diffuser to emit Lavender Oil, a deep relaxant, through the night. This ensures restful sleep, regularly, the natural way. In fact, this completely natural Essential Oil Blend is allowed in public schools, for kids with attention problems, because it’s a treatment that does not contain any synthetic ingredients.

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