Standing up for Women: Promoting yourself at a Conference

dept53Promoting yourself at a conference is difficult whether you are a new business or already accomplished one so here are some useful tips to make you stand out from the crowd and get your business talked about. For women this seems an especially difficult battle. They may seem obvious but if followed directly can make the difference between conversion and being memorable and not being.

Business Cards

This is statistically the most likely item to forget, as there is so much planning that goes into a conference the more obvious items get forgotten. To avoid running out of those precious calling cards why not invest in a plastic card printer so you can produce them, as you require them. This will also help to save money, as you won’t have piles of cards that aren’t required. You can also make changes as needed for example, contact details or social media url’s.


Sometimes women are criticized in the business arena so a thick skin and plenty of confidence is a must. People can sense when you’re not 100% sure of yourself, your product or business so before you attend the event make sure you’ve practiced with close family and friends initial conversation starters as well as explaining what it is you do. Be concise but be aware not to become a corporate robot, a personality sells as much as what you’re actually saying.


Clear strategic branding is a real skill to achieve, but gives a much more professional appearance as well as subtly making the consumer more trusting of your company and what it represents. If this is an area you struggle with get some help! There are hundreds of consultants that offer advice and design assistance as well as helping to create an appropriate tone of voice to match the visuals. Really give this some thought, as your branding needs to be memorable, make an impression but also represent you and the services or products you’re offering. 


Its human nature that people gravitate towards gadgets, so think outside of the box about what you could use to represent you and what you’re offering. If the event is more of a trade show then really consider how to best use your allocated space. Could you have an impressive Apple screen with a live social stream, or even a demo where attendees can actually trial the product or service. Be experimental and don’t be afraid just because you’re female to get a bit geeky, it will impress people, trust us.

The ‘X’ Factor

This sounds a little cliché but really is true. If you are giving a talk at a conference or appearing at a trade show preparation is the key. Practice your presentation, use the software that you will be on the day, try on the outfit to see if it makes you feel empowered (which it should, it really helps!).  You don’t necessarily need an all singing, all dancing stand or speech (but great if you do) because if the basics are done well, your knowledge and business will come across as professional and you will leave with plenty of business cards, queries to follow up and new contacts.

Don’t be pushy, be friendly!


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