She Works Hard for the Money…so Hard for it Honey!

My name is Monica Favela George and I have a problem. I LOVE shoes. So much that I have risked my entire financial well being on launching my own shoe line.  I did not work for anyone else in this biz before taking what I now realize is a much bigger leap than expected.  The down side:  my life is chock-full o’ work, cash flow is a big worry, and I need to clone myself to get everything done on time that needs to be done. I am “on” all the time, calling, emailing, invoicing, selling; I am running on 5 hours of sleep most days; I’m struggling to be the best mommy to my precious pumpkin 3.5 y.o. that I can while being so overextended.  My husband is disgruntled b/c our sans-Gigi dinner dates are down to 1 per 6 week frequency. The last time I went dancing with my girleez was 8 months ago (unimaginable in my pre-shoe biz life). The loads of laundry are daunting; and the house looks like a tsunami relief camp run by an organization that donates shoes.

The up side:  I LOVE my job; the first time I saw my maiden name emblazoned upon a pair of hot heels was a moment I will relish forever; when I see the prototypes come together and they look better than the sketch, the feeling of creative zeal is fantabulous.   I am blessed by supportive friends and family; the network of women that I have met who are excited about my line and helping me to make contacts is heartening; my biggest order for Fall is with a major boutique in Beverly Hills, which is amazing for my second season.  I am my own boss; if I am staring at my computer until 4 a.m. it’s because I’m working on my own dream.

Unsung designers recently hosted a launch party/trunk show for me. My iPod sound system was mixin’, the champagne was flowin’, and I was running around like a mad woman getting sizes for all sorts of ladies.  Most of my good friends, many whom I haven’t seen in months, came to celebrate and see my ouevre.  I looked around and realized that I am Blessed to be surrounded by so many good vibes and to see my intent’s fruition. So, even if I go down in a big ball of financial flame, I DID IT!

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