Kill the clutter: Organizing a home-based business

Running your home business will be much easier if you’re not overwhelmed with a mountain of clutter. Maintaining an organized work space can appear to be a daunting task if you have stacks of papers threatening to avalanche down your desk along with the extraneous buildup of supplies. Follow these tips to see how simple it can be to get your home office organized so you can work efficiently.

1. If your living space lacks the room to store everything you desire, rent a self-storage unit. Companies like SmartStop self storage make it hassle-free to get everything out of your way without having to throw it in the trash. This is a great way to handle old files or receipts that you doubt you’ll ever use but that you need to keep for legal or tax reasons.

2. Dedicate part of your home to serve as your office space. This will help to put you into a businesslike mindset every time you go to work. It’ll also let your family know that this area is not an acceptable place to just set things down. Be firm if necessary–one of the keys to successful self-employment and telecommuting is treating the business seriously, and the space you use is part of that business.

3. Purchase file cabinets for records and invoices, pullout baskets, a trash can and other organization essentials. You can’t de-clutter if you don’t own the proper storage receptacle.

4. Enact the big cleanout. This will likely be the most difficult part. However, this is the most essential step. File newer papers like receipts and contracts into that nice new file cabinet. Store large items or ancient files to that newly-rented storage unit. Throw out papers you’re sure you’ll never use. Place oft-used supplies and tools into the pullout baskets for easy access.

5. If your desk is too small or doesn’t have drawers, invest in a new one that gives you the space you need. L-shaped desks are recommended by organizers since they give you space for your printer and other large equipment while granting plenty of room for your keyboard and writing freehand.

6. Utilize your desk drawers for placing your office supplies instead of allowing them to take up precious space on top of the desk.

7. If you find yourself overwhelmed with electronic gadgets, consolidate by replacing them with multifunction devices. A printer/scanner/fax machine is always preferable to three separate and clunky machines.

8. Set up your phone on the opposite side as your dominant hand. This will free up your writing hand for taking notes.

These are just a few organizational ideas that can greatly assist in transforming your work area from chaos to order. Remember, many general home organization tips will work for your office as well.

Once your clutter is eliminated and stored in a logical way, keeping it that way will be a simple process. It’s simple to store a few papers at a time and run a duster over an empty desk. Be proactive and prevent emerging clutter while it’s still nascent. With these organizational tips and some light maintenance, you’ll ensure a smooth-sailing work day at your office space—minus the stressful disarray.

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