Ideas and tips for your next office party

ixparty108_1201622cOffice parties have a reputation for being boring, dull, and awkward. People go to them out of obligation rather than to have a good time with co-workers. However, it doesn’t have to always be like that! With the right environment, entertainment, and food you can throw an unforgettable corporate event.

Have the party out of the office. People associate the office with work. Thus, they are more reserved and professional in this space. Host the party somewhere else, allowing your employees to loosen up and feel like they are able to have a good time.

Provide good food. Have the event catered by a nice restaurant, or at least have some great snacks and desserts. Food is a great icebreaker, gives people something to talk about, and who doesn’t love some great free food? Your employees will remember whether or not there was good food at the party, and you want them to leave full and happy.

Hire great entertainment. While your guests are eating, you don’t want them to get bored. Try hiring a corporate entertainment band. If that isn’t your style maybe a stand up comedian would be a fun change. You just want to make sure there is something for everyone to do or focus on while at the party.

Highlight great accomplishments of the company. This is an office party, after all, so make sure your guests know what a great company it is that is hosting the event. Create a cool PowerPoint with stats on the accomplishments to date, show pictures, and thank your employees for all of the work they do.

Give everyone a gift. As a thank you to your employees, have a gift for them at the end of the event. I was at a corporate party once where everyone was handed cash…and people haven’t stopped talking about it. It can be something simple, but it shows that you care and are grateful for their work.


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