How To Keep Your Employees Focused and on Task

focus1-margo-connerKeeping employees productive and focused is one of the major concerns of most employers. It often seems that virtually anything can distract an employee, from personal issues to frustrations on the job. A good employer needs to be inventive about getting the most from their employees.

Use The Right Technology

Frustrated employees can easily become distracted from the task at hand, and one of the most frustrating things for employees is using technology that is ill-suited for the work that they’re doing. Using the right technology can cut down on employee frustration, increase productivity, and keep your employees focused. Listening to employees about complaints they have about the current systems and how they can be improved can prove extremely beneficial.

Don’t Micromanage

Many employees find that they lose their focus when micromanaged. This is because lengthy meetings and status reports can easily throw an employee off of what they are doing. This can be more noticeable and irritating to the employee if they are asked for these reports often. A good manager needs to find ways to check in on the status of projects and employees without interrupting or micromanaging. Software solutions such as a business metrics dashboard offered by can allow a manager to check on the information that they need without individually connecting with their employees.

Enforce Taking Breaks

In office environments in particular, many employees end up skipping their breaks because they are working on project that demand their full attention. Unfortunately, employees that skip breaks are usually less focused and productive than employees that take their breaks on time. Employees that take breaks can rest their minds and recharge their energy, which allows them to look at problems with a fresh set of eyes. A business atmosphere that encourages skipping breaks or working overly hard will do little to focus employees but much to keep them in a constant state of distraction.

Acknowledge Their Accomplishments

One of the easiest ways to get employees interested in the work that they do is to take an interest in them. By taking an interest in your employees and noticing when they do things particularly well, you will bolster their confidence and encourage them to work even harder. Employee recognition programs are another easy way to get employees to feel as though the management cares about and notices their individual efforts. Department-wide goals can also encourage staff members to work together, creating a more friendly office environment for everyone.

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