How To Become a Top Woman Blogger

This is a guest post by John Rampton, Founder of and You can contact him on Twitter @JSRampton.

As a blogger myself, I am always looking for tips on how to make the site more interesting and compelling. In this article, John Rampton gives a few tips of his own from the male perspective on how females have an advantage in this space. I’d like to think he’s right. Check out what he has to say and then let us know what you think, do females have an advantage in the blogosphere?

In this article I am going to look at how to become a top woman blogger but first I want to put something straight out there now. In my opinion women have a huge advantage when it comes to blogging.

Now you may be asking yourself how can this be so? My answer is simple; women have more empathy with their topics and with their audience and they are far better at articulating their thoughts. So the first step in how to become a top woman blogger is to do what you do naturally.

The next step that you should take is to focus on something that you do well and write about it. At the risk of sounding sexist it is still mainly the women who are the cooks and cleaners in a household even as you achieve equality in the workforce. If you look at some of the more popular book categories in Amazon you will see that books based on cooking and managing a household are popular genres and women know way more about this than men.  Therefore if you are the main cog in the household then why not blog about it – you can keep a diary of your chores around the house, provide tips on various chores and recommend products that you use around the house. You can even provide recipes.

I have chosen the most stereotypical area of expertise that a woman has and when you blog about something you know intimately then you are certainly on the way to knowing how to become a top woman blogger.

However you should always write about something that you are passionate about because this will make writing content for your blog a lot easier.

How to become a top woman blogger can also be achieved by using the networks that you have. When you have a blog site tell all your circle of friends about it, get them to comment on your blogs and ask them what are some of the things that they would like to see on your blog.

Another strategy in how to become a top woman blogger is to blog on topics that women are considered to be experts in. Once again this sounds sexist and I have already mentioned topics that women are assumed to be the experts on but when you are starting out you want to establish your reputation quickly and one way to do this is to blog about ‘female topics’. Once you have established yourself in one of these areas then branch out.

When learning how to become a top woman blogger another strategy you might want to consider is to blog using a male’s name. This might sound odd but if you want to blog in a traditional male domain like car mechanics then you will find that having a male name will be an advantage. This sort of thing goes on all the time. For example in the erotica section of Amazon’s Kindle library most of the books have female authors because the perception is that people are more likely to buy erotica books from female authors although a lot of these books are written by males.

Learning how to become a top woman blogger isn’t easy but woman definitely have an advantage over men so start blogging now and live by this well known quote: mistake your way to success.




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    I agree with these statements as well. Depending on the niche you are blogging for, being a woman can definitely have it’s advantages. Many times women will relate and trust women more than men when it comes to different topics and issues. This definitely also applies in the world of blogging.

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