Freelance Conferencing: Innovative ways to bring your team together

Freelancing requires a lot of self discipline and dedication. You find work, make agreements, get the work done in your free time, and do it all over again. While this presents you with a flexible schedule, it can often be frustrating to not have a regular meeting place to meet with those you work with.

If you’re freelancing, one of the most effective ways of addressing your target audience is often via a small conference / large meeting etc. Alternatively, you may be a freelancer with a need to organize something along these lines on behalf of a client. Either way, conferences are difficult. They almost always seem to end up being the summation of a million and one really small tasks. When this all runs smoothly, you get no praise whatsoever. After all – it was simple right? But let one of these small tasks go slightly awry (The Chairman’s wife’s sandwiches weren’t quite what she ordered, the CEO’s husband has a contact who could’ve done the catering a little better etc.) and you get dragged over the coals. So… what to do?

One great way around all these problems of thankless tasks whilst maintaining a lot of creativity is certainly via cinema venue hire. At the moment, still not many marketeers considering hiring a movie theatre for a conference, but this is beginning to change and it’s easy to see why; seeing your video presentation, or PowerPoint show – or whatever else on a huge screen in darkness with state of the art surround sound facilities can really wow your audience to say the least. And remember, these are permanent facilities that the companies are simply trying to reduce the opportunity cost of. In other words, they’re pretty cheap to hire. Cineworld venues for hire, for example, have state of the art facilities that enable you to simply plug in and see your materials presented to great effect on huge screen in a cinematic environment. Also, the company has a team of event specialist well-versed in organizing conferences and large scale meetings – so they’re able to meet all those little requirements that make conference organization such a joyless and thankless task. Catering, searing arrangements etc. can all be easily outsourced and – if in the unlikely event a small thing does go wrong – at least you can point the finger at someone else!

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