Four Ways Companies are Trying to Better Serve Their Customers

Store-Associate-Helping-Customers1-580x360One of the biggest priorities of any company is providing excellent customer service. After all, if your customers aren’t happy, your business won’t thrive no matter how great your products or services are. From using products provided by to employing various feedback channels, there are a host of ways that businesses focus on customer service.

1. Social media opens the door for multiple ways to contact a business. From direct messages on Facebook to Tweets on Twitter, businesses are utilizing their social media applications to hear from and respond to consumers. Ideally, these social media platforms will be manned around-the-clock so that customers don’t have to wait long to hear back. Just knowing that there are various ways to contact a business is great for customer satisfaction, though, even if it takes a couple of days to get a response.

2. The best customer service departments know that “no” is never an answer. Not every single request can be met by a business. However, that doesn’t mean that customer service should just shut down a customer without giving an alternative. It’s important to help out customers as much as possible, no matter what. When a customer requests something that just isn’t possible, the customer service rep shouldn’t simply say “no” and hope to be finished with the phone call. Instead, they should offer any type of alternative that will appease the customer.

3. Customer service has to be reliable. More and more, businesses are realizing that being great during a season or around the holidays isn’t enough. Customers have to know that every single time they call, they’ll be handled in the same, upstanding way. Never knowing what you’re going to get when you call customer service is sometimes more frustrating than simply expecting the worst. Plus, when some customer reps are helpful and others are not, it’s difficult to get the same answer twice, which is a common gripe amongst customers. Great customer service should occur every single day, no matter what.

4. In an age of Internet marketing and living our lives online, it’s refreshing to deal with people in person. Not every business can accomplish this, but some can, especially if they cater to the local community. Going the distance, both figuratively and literally, is a huge boost for customer service ratings. Customers want to know that they’re more than just another phone call that’s waiting in the queue. Handling customers personally makes them feel respected as individuals.

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