Four Of the Most Successful SEO Strategies After Google Updates

SEO strategyThe continuously updating algorithms and platforms of Google can prove a head spinning challenge for SEO companies. I literally spent four straight days pouring over my client’s pages and listings seeing the effects the new round of Google updates had. For some it was nominal, for a few the new structures gave a much needed boost. For a large number however, their rankings inexplicably plummeted in multiple keyword categories. After much trial and error I was able to come up with four strategies for making the best of the new Google updates.

• Check, recheck and double check Google Places and Plus listings.

Compare your clients Google Places/Plus listings to their websites. Make sure every single part matches. Aside from just making sure the addresses and phone numbers are the same, check the exact spellings, abbreviations and punctuation. In Google’s eyes “suite” and “ste” are not the same thing, even if they lead to the same place. The same goes for punctuation following abbreviations or street names.

• Take advantage of “rich snippets’.

These are the little pictures that come up with organic listings in Google. There are several blogs that detail the process of making this happen, but all you need is access to a clients code and Google Plus profile. Not only does this draw more traffic and conversions from searches, but also there seems to be a trend in listings with these “rich snippets” showing up higher.

• Be sure of your links.

Keep a somewhat organized running list of your client’s links. Search engines, and Google in particular are getting pickier about the weight and authority they place on page links. If necessary, find a reputable link building company to help your process along. I came across several companies that really gave me a great link building service and helped my clients significantly.

• Developed services for mobile platforms.

Mobile platforms are the inevitable future of the internet. As more and more organic traffic comes from mobile platforms, client’s needs are keeping up to date. Do the research; buy the programs or hire who you need; but format a way to offer mobile services for clients. Being able to offer a mobile site, or even better a mobile checkout and shopping service can dramatically improve profits. Few SEO companies are offering full mobile platform services; this gives anyone a golden opportunity to get in on the ground level. They can establish themselves and build a reputation that will be indispensible in the coming years.

Without fail Google will change things in the future, perhaps in a month, maybe a year. SEO companies will go scrambling once again to adapt in leverage the new updates and developments. For todays market however, these tips and others can help lead SEO companies and their clients to success.

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