Fashion Friday: How to wear animal print to the office

These days, it’s not hard to spot a little cheetah or leopard roaming the streets. Women have zebra protecting their feet and cheetah wrapped around their necks and this animal fashion trend shows no signs of slowing down. It also seems that women are getting more courageous with how much animal print they are incorporating into their wardrobe, and so of course, this got me thinking about wearing animal print to the office. Is it appropriate? Or should we keep things a bit tamer and only bring out the animals at night? After researching and asking around, here are the general rules for safely wearing animal print to the office.

Wear it sparingly. Don’t go to the office everyday with animal print. People will start to think you are a little too obsessed with either wanting to be an animal or wanting the animals dead so you can wear them.

Don’t go overboard. It’s easy to start feeling brave when you put on animal print. And then you start thinking that the more animal print you wear, the braver you are! False. You just look more tacky and scary. So keep it simple and don’t go crazy.

Accessorize. Animal print makes for some great accessories. Scarves, shoes, purses, bracelets, these are all great ways in which to incorporate animal print into your outfit. Plus, it adds to your outfit, rather than takes away. So buy that cheetah scarf and wear it with pride.

Don’t mix animal prints. Never ever ever ever decide that it’s a good idea to wear the entire animal kingdom. If you have multiple accessories in different animal prints, don’t wear them together. If you have cheetah ballet flats, don’t wear any other animal print unless it is a small accessory that is also cheetah.


  1. Deb Waterworth says

    I have dansko shoes that are a subtle animal print in brown and black tones. Going to a concert tonight and wondering if I can wear a scarf that has a little animal print in it. I am wearing bootcut jeans, a fushia doleman sweater, and the scarf has a little of a brown animal print with some fushia, gold swaths, silver, etc. Would it be too much to wear the subtle dansko print with this scarf? Thank you! I find it so confusing to wear animal prints unless I wear only one at a time.

    • Tessa says

      Shoes and scarves can often compliment each other. If neither is too loud, I’d say go for it! Just make sure it doesn’t clash.

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