Fashion Friday: to paint or not to paint

During my weekly grocery shopping run yesterday I decided to browse the nail polish section. I was getting bored of looking at my ugly nails while I typed away on the computer all day. So, in honor of the fall season I settled on a pretty gray. As I painted away last night my husband told me the color I had chosen was …”different”. I told him that, of course, grey is the new black and that I was up to speed on the trends. Whether or not that’s true, he seemed to be content with the answer and I was content with my newly painted nails. And this got me thinking, what nail colors are appropriate for the office? I work in a very casual environment and can get away with almost any wardrobe fop aux, but what is appropriate? So I did some research, asked around, and here’s what I came up with.

Neutrals never go wrong. Pale pinks and nude colors are always a safe bet for the office, especially if you work in a more traditional field. If you don’t want to draw attention to your hands, but you still want them to look classy, stick with neutrals.

Save bright colors for your vacation. Unless you work at home or in a place where bright nails would be ok, save the brights for summer vacation. Drawing unnecessary attention to your nails can be distracting during meetings and even during casual conversations with your boss.

French manicures feel uptight. While these may look great, most people associate a french manicure with a fancy party, wedding, or someone who always has to be done up.

Well-kept nails give off good vibes. If you find a color that fits your office feel and that you like to wear, go with it! Nails that are well kept will help you feel more professional and will let others know that you care about details.



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