Fashion Friday: How to wear sequins and sparkles

Between Christmas and New Years, there are several opportunities to bring out your sparkle. Sequined skirts, dresses, and shirts are everywhere right now and can be the perfect touch of glam for a holiday party. However, it’s easy to get excited and go a little overboard with the shimmer. Here are some ideas for wearing sequins but not looking like a disco ball.

Add a sequined belt to your outfit. These are the perfect small touch of sparkle and are still super classy. You can wear them in both gold and silver.

Sequin skirts are all the rage right now for holiday parties. Sometimes they can feel like too much, but one that is simple and paired with a sweater or heavier fabric to contrast it, it can be a great holiday outfit.

Sequined tank tops are also a great way to wear sparkle. You can pair them with jeans, nice pants, or a skirt. I love how versatile they are! It’s also easy to throw a cardigan over it to play down the sparkle.

If you are still scared to fully commit to sequins, try adding some in with your accessories. Sparkly phone cases are a great way to add them into your wardrobe and they are a fun change from your normal phone case.

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