Fashion Friday: How to wear scarves to work

This past week it has been frigid, we are talking below zero temperatures. This isn’t the norm for a winter here, so it’s taken most of us off guard and we find ourselves putting on as many layers as we can. I have a wool scarf that I put on every day and it’s the only thing that keeps my neck and face warm. However, it’s pretty chunky and not the most professional looking. This got me thinking, what types of scarves are appropriate for work and how should I wear them? Here’s what I’ve found:

linen scarf

Linen scarves are versatile and look professional. A linen scarf is great for fall, winter, and spring. They are lightweight and can be worn in a variety of ways. Wearing a neutral colored linen scarf with a skirt and blouse is a great professional look for winter.

silk scarf

Silk scarves are still in. I always associate silk scarves with my grandma. I was nervous to try one out of fear of looking older than I wanted or simply just not looking fashionable. However, a silk scarf can look amazing when worn right. Pick a pop of color, wear it with a denim top and you are bound to look great. If denim is too casual for your office, wear it with a blouse, tuck it into a button up, or tie one around your purse as an accessory.

Scarves add femininity. Sometimes I start to feel a bit like a man if I’ve worn button ups and pants to work for a few times in a row. I often get bored or frustrated with my work wardrobe. Scarves can fix that! I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me before, but adding a scarf to an outfit adds the perfect touch of femininity.


Patterns are good. In the winter my wardrobe starts to get a bit bland. With heavy coats and so many grey and black sweaters, I start to look incredibly monochromatic and blah. Scarves are the perfect way to add in something new and break up a dull outfit.


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