Fashion Friday: Colorful pants in the office

Colorful pantsThe new trend for pants this year has been color. In every city and town you could see women wearing bright pink, yellow, orange and green pants this spring. The trend continued into summer with bright shorts and skirts. Women walked into fall with rust colored skinny jeans under their boots, and winter is shaping up to include color as well. I’ve spotted deep green trousers and cranberry skinnies all over the place. So I’m curious, do these colored pants translate to the office? Is it appropriate to wear colorful pants to meetings and presentations? Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Like most trends, it depends on your office environment. I know, you’re sick of hearing that, but every office is different and you have to feel it out. Fashion and the office is not a black and white relationship. There’s a lot of gray in there, you just have to find out which shade is appropriate for you.

Color scale according to your office

Very Traditional office: You are expected to wear suits, heels, and blouses to work everyday. If you don’t tuck your shirt in, you get weird looks.

  • If this is your office, stick to basic colors. Black, tan, gray, and navy are all great choices that will fit the environment and not get you weird looks.

Traditional Office: You are expected to wear skirts or dress pants and blouses to work, but you have more flexibility with how you wear them. Flats are acceptable and prints on blouses are regularly seen around the office.

  • You have more flexibility for color, but don’t go crazy. Deep green pants or a cranberry skirt would be appropriate, but I wouldn’t go any brighter than that.

Modern office: You are expected to look nice and dressed up, but you have flexibility in how you do so. Colors, patterns, and prints are regularly seen at the office.

  • Have fun with colored pants! Your office environment thrives on creativity and doesn’t expect traditional wear, so bust out those aqua capris and red skirts.

Casual office: No one cares what you wear. Shorts, flip flops, and sweatshirts are seen on the daily.

  • Go nuts. Wear whatever colors and patterns you want because your office space doesn’t mind what you wear. Try not to dress up too much though, or you will feel out of place in a casual office.


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