Disability Benefits in 2013

disability1It doesn’t matter if we work for ourselves, or we happen to be employed for someone else, many jobs carry the risk of being hurt, some more than others. Injuries that are long lasting, require some serious thought as to how the injured party will be able to support themselves, after being knocked out of commission. But what if you are born with a disability and it affects you from acquiring gainful employment, what then?

Being classified with a disability does not necessarily mean that you are physically injured, in fact, some people may be on disability and you would probably never know. In order to qualify for disability benefits, you must fall within a certain criteria, some are mental and some a physical. For every scenario, there are guidelines that must be met in order to be accepted by the Social Security Administration. Should you meet the requirements and be denied, you have the option to get legal representation.

The worst thing you can do after being denied benefits is to shelve the idea, especially since you might have won your case against the SSA. The assistance of someone who understands the way the SSA functions could give you the advantage and turn your luck around. Before you know it, you will be receiving assistance from the government for your disability, putting you in a better financial position.

PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder, is one of the symptoms that an applicant may qualify for government assistance. It is a military disability, which means they might have to get involved. Other mental issues that could allow you to qualify for benefits is BiPolar, mental retardation and of course, considering yourself as a Schizophrenia could allow you to be accepted by the SSA. The thing to remember is that nothing is guaranteed, even with obvious signs of being disabled, you still have to qualify.

There are many hoops that the SSA will make you jump through, which means that if you want to increase your chances of a successful application, you should probably get some help from an advocate. Unfortunately, many people have a difficult time making a living, only to find out that they could have qualified for physical disabilities like arthritis and cancer.

As you take the first step to fill out your application, remember that the benefit is yours, all you have to do is to apply for it. There may be specific reasons why disability benefits require so many guidelines and they could be as simple as fraudulent applications. So now that you know what to do, take a deep breath, contact a professional to make sure that your first attempt is a good one and take advantage of those SSA benefits.

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