Becoming a certified women-owned business: Part 3

The advantage

After taking the time to go through the entire process of becoming a certified women-owned business and passed, it’s time for you to realize and take advantage of the opportunities now available to you. This certification gives you a lot of potential to grow, so don’t hold back! Let people know that you have acquired the certificate. Spread the word through social media, blogs, newspapers, and your newsletter.

Now that you are certified, you qualify for Federal money. Contracting officers are now allowed to set aside certain government contract opportunities exclusively for qualifying women-owned businesses. This is for contracts in any of 83 different industries where women are under represented and awards can go up to $5 million. Make sure you get on those lists and outshine your competitors for the free money.

The certification also brings about awareness of your business. Most Fortune 1000 companies are aware that it is good to contract with women-owned businesses. Many of them have set aside goals aimed towards working with women-owned businesses as well as setting aside a percentage of their contracts that will be given to these certified companies. Thus, with the certification you can gain access to these contracts and money.

Finally, make sure that you renew your certification every year. It expires at the first of the year, so don’t get too caught up in the holidays that you forget. Renewing is much easier than applying, so you don’t want to have to apply again.

Take advantage of your role as a women-owned business. The resources available will help you scale and grow your business to make an even greater impact in your field. Good luck!

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