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We are giving away one copy of the book Become the CEO of You, Inc. The book is fantastic and our review can be found below. In order to enter follow these simple steps:

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The contest begins today, July 11th, and ends August 3rd. The winner will be announced August 6th. Good luck!

Our Review:

At the end of last week I came to work to find a book waiting for me on my desk. “Become the CEO of You, Inc.” So, I decided to read through it. A book about a woman being successful in business and how she did it, I wasn’t about to pass that up. Here’s what I found:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote stands alone on one of the first pages of Susan Butler’s new book “Become the CEO of You, Inc.” It sets the stage for the chapters that follow, which talk about Susan’s personal experiences as a businesswoman and how she got there. The book is aimed to help those seeking for careers in business to learn from some of Susan’s stories and help them find strategies, create a vision, and navigate their own journey. She herself became the first female employee at Arthur Andersen & Co. in 1965 and 14 years later was named the first female partner of its consulting organization now known as Accenture.

Susan places in front of readers her Make-it-happen model, which consists of four steps:

  1. Envision your future
  2. Recruit a team to support your vision
  3. Develop your plan
  4. Navigate your journey

Through her experiences with Fortune 500 companies Susan helps readers learn how to “Make things happen for you, don’t just let them happen to you.” This includes networking tips, juggling objectives and goals, interviewing, financial advise, finding your strengths, and many more essential tips in the business.

I found the book to be extremely useful and definitely a worthwhile read. The steps and tips that Susan Butler includes are a great guide for women in business. So, if you find the book sitting at your desk or finding its way off a bookshelf and into your purse, read it. It’ll be worth it.



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