Tamee Roberts


Executive Director at Women Empowerment Global Outreach (WEGO)

Women Empowerment Global Outreach (WEGO) is a non-profit aimed at helping the women of the world. The WEGO mission is to encourage, train, educate and empower disadvantaged women. We focus on the whole woman, recognizing the unique characteristics and needs of the female gender that should not be separated from each other when educating a woman. The feminine abilities to nurture, integrate, multitask and empathize are great gifts that when harnessed, focused, controlled and enhanced can lift the world from poverty, oppression and sorrow. Our mission is to release this power in women around the globe.
We teach a suite of curriculum depending on the needs and requests of the countries and help to aid the existing local programs, structures and systems with which we partner.
WEGO has received requests for programs in a number of developing countries including: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Algeria, Nigeria, Gambia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Russia and Morocco.

Website: Wegoglobal.net

Email: tamee@wegoglobal.net

Facebook: Women Empowerment Global Outreach