Sylvia R.J. Scott

Author Sylvia R.J. Scott is the Founder and Managing Director of the Girl’s CEO Connection LLC.  She is also the creator and producer of the “Realizing a Vision” conferences and workshops. She is a leading advocate for equipping and engaging today’s high school girls as a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative women leaders.  Widely recognized for her broad vision and resourceful execution of numerous initiatives and events, her career spans industries from fashion to non-profit management to social entrepreneurship.  She is personally committed to cultivating and empowering young women through opportunities as entrepreneurs. Her book Realizing a Vision, A Girl’s Winning Guide as a Teen Entrepreneur will be available in September 2012.

The Girl’s CEO Connection LLC is dedicated to the development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills in young women.  Our mission is to equip and empower young female entrepreneurs to create, develop and market sustainable entrepreneurial enterprises. We cultivate young female entrepreneurs to build their future as influential women leaders in business and a global society.  By being introduced to the fundamentals of strategic thinking, financial accountability and creative leadership, young women will achieve a new and profound sense of self, as well as access to the extraordinary possibilities that are open to them.

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