Green Power Partners Co-Sponsors The Women’s Excellence Forum

Lake Forest, California – May 22, 2017 – Green Power Partners will be co-sponsoring the upcoming Women’s Excellence Forum on the 24th of this month at the famous TenTen Rooftop Lounge located in the heart of Los Angeles.  The event, presented by eWorldMedia, provides opportunity for women to participate in discussions and networking specific to their personal development.


The Women’s Excellence Forum was launched as an event that uniquely caters to a female perspective and touches on topics ranging from business to health and relationships.  Unlike most conventional forums, the event opens with a dazzling red carpet extravaganza – nothing short of a true star-studded, Hollywood experience.  With cameras, photo ops and plenty of mingling, the opening triggers an enthralling energy that sets an eager tone for the rest of the evening.  Amongst all the excitement, the message still stands strong.  With positive attitude as part of the message, a slate of remarkable speakers “provide so much more”.  Using Excellence Mindset Strategies, “a series of events where personal development masters deliver the very best techniques for achieving the most effective results”, the carefully selected speakers provide tools and techniques that empower every individual to achieve extraordinary results.


The evening highlights six Keynote speakers, all highly regarded individuals, each of whom specializes in various subjects pertaining to multiple aspects of life.  Shea Vaughn, “America’s Queen of Wellness” and creator of Sheanetics, a program which combines wellness to improve well-being physically, mentally and even in business, is speaking on health related topics and well-being.  Noted athlete, Jasmine Henderson, will be sharing on sports excellence. On the business side of the discussion, Debra Faris, LinkedIn professional and coach, will be leading conversation pertaining to your business face in social media.  Additionally, speakers Raquel Sanchez and Al Harris will share expertise on event production and planning.  On a more personal note, Renee Piane, professional love and dating coach with more than two decades experience in the field, will be discussing her book “The Love Designer” and sharing valuable insights with attendees. With the relevance of the subjects being discussed, all who attend can expect a very insightful evening, quite unlike any other.


The Forum was created and is being presented by eWorldMedia, a media company with a special focus on personal development.  eWorldMedia founder, Henning Morales, is a highly accredited individual, known as a bestselling author, keynote speaker, filmmaker and recognized as one of the best known bilingual motivational speakers to date.  Mr. Morales is a motivator who delivers a strong life improvement message throughout his projects, but specifically leans towards the Latino community.  Morales has gone “above and beyond”, creating personal development events throughout the US and Mexico in English and Spanish so he can carry his message to all those he desires to reach. eWorldMedia and its founder pride themselves on creating events that reach out to groups of individuals in a personal and welcoming environment.  The Women’s Excellence Forum does just that.


Green Power Partners is fortunate to co-sponsor this incredible event.  Leading the way in the production of renewable energy, Green Power Partners cares strongly for the community and is proud to sponsor events and organizations that do the same. Using highly advanced technology and unbridled innovation, GPP is paving the way for the next evolution of power throughout the world.


According to Green Power Partners’ CEO Allan Parent, “We are excited about being one of the sponsors of this event as it completely aligns with our corporate philosophy regarding mentoring, training and equipping people for business and success.”


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Dynamic Blending Specialists Collaborates with kathy ireland® as Innovative, Full-Service Turnkey Skin Care Manufacturer

Los Angeles, CA – May 19, 2017.  – Jordan Erskine, President of Dynamic Blending Specialists,   and Gavin Collier, VP of Operations, are delighted to announce their company’s collaboration   with Kathy Ireland’s Worldwide Business.

Collier distinguishes Dynamic  Blending  Specialists  from  competing  manufacturers  in  his  ob- servation  that  “There  aren’t  any  other  manufacturers  in  this  space  that  are  helping  the  little guy.   The  majority  of  them  will  turn  the  customer  down  if  they  can’t  meet  the  minimum  or- der  quantity.  One  company  has  said  their  minimum  order  quantity  is  50,000.  But  the  way  we look  at  it  is:  who  knows  who’s  going  to  be  the  next  big  label  out  there?  We  give  these  com- panies  that opportunity.”


What does this mean for new and smaller-scale businesses that are trying to compete in the beauty industry?


If you ask JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, the answer couldn’t be any simpler. “For new businesses trying to make it in the beauty world, it can be stressful.  Most manufacturers have a high quantity minimum or-   der  for  merchandise  creation,  which  can  be  a  huge  deterrent  for  these  newer  companies.  But luckily for them, there’s Dynamic Blending Specialists, the beauty industry’s trusted  turnkey  contract  manufacturer.   They’re  dedicated  to  helping  those  newer  companies get the support they need.”

For more information about Dynamic Blending Specialists, visit and tune in to see Dynamic Blending Specialists as sponsored programming on Fox  Business Network on Sunday,  May 21, 2017 at 5:30pm EST.

Visit  for  detailed  airing  schedules—or  check  your  local  listings.

To  learn  more  about  Dynamic  Blending,  please contact:

Josh Lujan, V.P. of  Sales  &  Marketing

523  East  1750  North,  Ste. 100

Vineyard, UT 84057


Office:  844-822-1665

Earley Information Science to Present at 2017 Mit Sloan Ceo Symposium

2017 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium to Provide Roadmap for the Global CIO Adventure: Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Systems, to discuss at the Nation’s Premier CIO Conference on May 24, 2017

Earley Information Science (EIS) today announced that Seth Earley, CEO of EIS will be a speaker at the at the 14th Annual 2017 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, the nation’s premier CIO conference on May 24, 2017. Earley will be speaking about artificial intelligence (AI) applications that are currently in practice or are imminent. The panel session, entitled “Putting AI to Work,” will also feature speakers from Cogito Corporation, Clearpath, OTTO Motors, and MIT. Earley is one of an elite group of presenters from a wide range of industries participating in the conference.

While the fully autonomous vehicle is the poster child for AI, it is still five or more years out on the horizon. In contrast, many implementations of AI are available today or will be within the next year or so. AI technologies and AI-driven products are enabling new services never possible before, providing deep business intelligence, automating work, and cutting costs. The development and deployment of these systems also raise ethical and regulatory concerns as well as the risk of the displacement of jobs. This panel will focus on how firms are implementing or how they expect to implement AI, including effectiveness, stage of adoption, and benefits, as well as the potential impacts on unemployment and society

The premier conference will bring together more than 800 global CIOs, senior IT executives, technology innovators and MIT academic thought leaders together on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a full day of networking, collaboration and discussions around building a digital organization, IT talent management, business leadership and the increasingly important impact technology is having on corporations and society.

More than a dozen keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions tied to this year’s theme “The CIO Adventure: Now, Next and…Beyond” will feature more than 60 business leaders, technology trendsetters, and thought leaders from academia. In addition to “Putting AI to Work,” topics to be addressed during the conference, include:

  • Pathways to Future Ready: The Digital Playbook
  • Preparing for the Future of Work
  • Trusted Data: The Role of Blockchain, Secure Identity, and Encryption
  • Who’s Really Responsible for Technology?
  • Expanding the Reach of Digital Innovation
  • Running IT Like a Factory
  • Navigating the Clouds
  • What Comes After Digital Transformation?
  • You Were Hacked—Now What?
  • Talent Wars in the Digital Age
  • Winning with the Internet of Things
  • The CIO Adventure: Insights from the Leadership Award Finalists
  • Measuring ROI for Cybersecurity: Is It Real or a Mirage?

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is co-organized by the MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE), and the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). It will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kresge Auditorium, 48 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA.  To register for the Symposium, please click here.

About the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium
The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is the premier global conference for CIOs and digital business executives to become more effective leaders. In one day, CIOs and senior IT executives explore enterprise technology innovations, business practices and receive actionable information that enables them to meet the challenges of today and the future. The Symposium offers a unique learning environment by bringing together the academic thought leadership of MIT with the in-the-trenches experience of leading, global CIOs and industry experts. The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is organized and developed by the MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE), and the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). For more information and to register for this year’s Symposium, visit

Rising Nigeria Rapper De Boss To Release First Official Album In June

Budding Nigerian rapper De Boss is soon to release his first ever official album “The Scrutiny” in June. The album is all about inspiring people to speak the hard truth.


Austin, Texas – May 18, 2017 – Great news for rap fans looking forward to something cool this summer- rising Nigerian rapper De Boss has announced to release his first official album in June that will set the feet tapping to a refreshing bunch of energized tracks. Entitled as “The Scrutiny”, the album aims to introduce a new era that upholds the fundamental humane values of honesty and integrity.

The official date of release is June 16 and the pre-order will start from June 9th. The album will be available for download on iTunes, Google Play and all other major online audio platforms. The album is produced by David Metropolis, Rj Full Range, RawzGotBeats and Peewezel-Cue as well as the singer himself. 

“I am excited to announce the launch of my first official album come June. I had some of the singles released earlier but to release a full-fledged album is a different experience altogether. It’s like a dream come true for me. I hope this means a happy summer for those who listen to me- and for those who haven’t listed to me yet- I am looking forward to be their new favorite with my new album”, stated De Boss whose tracks are already shooting the charts of iTunes for quite some time now.

More popular by his stage name De Boss, Chinedu Moses Chukwunta is a 31-year-old Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. His unique music style is an eclectic versatile blend of R&B and Hip Hop, accentuated by Reggae hints. Presently based in the States, he is one of those few people who haven’t forgotten their Nigerian roots and actually does rap music.

“The Scrutiny” houses 10 tracks from the promising rapper. The tracks feature some of the big shots from the contemporary hip-hop scene like Young Buck, Olivia Rose Wallace, Samini, K-Slick, Tammy T and Rugged Man. De Boss has collaborated with renowned G-Unit CEO Tony Yayo and one other from the esteemed company for his album. The second track of the album, “Diamonds” features Tony Yayo himself. 

Some of the tracks from the album have already amazed fans at iTunes. The most popular of these are Salewa (feat.Samini) and Cuba Libre.

“It’s timeless and I listen to the track everyday”, reads on happy review for Salewa on iTunes. 

“Fire!”- Another ardent Salewa fan was bang on spot.

Speaking further the rapper claimed that it’s the unreal hypocritical world around that urged him to come up with “The Scrutiny”.

“People have become so unreal in our everyday life. They don’t mean what they say, leading all of us into a vicious circle of lie and blasphemy. So, I felt that somebody has to come up with the truth and thus we brought the album to life.”

The album will be released with a gala party on June 16, at EASTDOWN WAREHOUSE, Houston, TX.

To know more about the album, visit


Joel Osteen shares The Ben Tankard Story…Amazing !

Ben Tankard’s new CD “CanTANKerous” is making waves ! 

The nation’s top motivational speaker and pastor, Joel Osteen recently told his 50,000 member Lakewood Church congregation and TV/ Streaming audience of over 20 million viewers, the inspiring story of Ben Tankard.

Osteen shared how his friend Tankard grew up in poverty in a drug infested ghetto but was a gifted basketball player and musician early on. After an NBA career ending injury Tankard became a dog catcher to make ends meet until his break in music. He has since become the Godfather of Gospeljazz by selling millions of records and earning multiple Grammy/Stellar/Dove awards and nominations. The gold and platinum producer is also a motivational speaker for the NBA, Pastor, Author, Pilot, and Reality TV Dad for hit show THE TANKARDS. His highly anticipated new CD release CANTANKEROUS is riding the charts and available everywhere gospel and jazz music is sold. Amazing Story!

See Joel Osteen tell the Ben Tankard Story on YouTube or visit:

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Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA to be honored by the Mayor of Jiaozuo, China for officially teaching authentic Chen Village Tai Chi in the USA

Contact: Master Bosco Baek
Tel: (323) 953-5908


LOS ANGELES, CA— Known for its amazing health benefits, Tai Chi was developed in the 16th century by Chen Wangting, a Ming Dynasty General. Over the centuries Tai Chi transformed into countless styles and spread around the world from its birthplace in Chen Village, China.

On Monday, May 22, 2017, the Mayor of the city of Jiaozuo, China—the municipality within which Chen Village is located—will recognize the Chen Bing Taiji Academy as a place where authentic Chen Village Tai Chi is taught. Chen Bing Taiji Academy is the only center in the USA receiving thus far this honor. Los Angeles City Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan will be in attendance representing the City of Los Angeles.

This event will include skilled demonstrations of authentic Chen Tai Chi. It will occur at Chen Bing Taiji Academy, 2724 Griffith Park Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, on May 22, 2017 at 9:00 AM. Admission is free.

TTI of USA Brings in New Talent

May 16, 2017

NEW YORK- The well-established staffing agency, TTI of USA, Inc. brings new talent to its team.

In April 2017 Richard partnered with TTI of USA. This perfectly aligns his skill, knowledge and recruitment success with the technical staffing expertise of TTI’s professional team.

Richard T. Franco stands at the forefront of the staffing industry partnering with the most reputable of Financial Institutions.  After beginning his career at Merrill Lynch, Richard joined the staffing industry where he has assisted aspiring professionals at all levels in obtaining prosperous careers. 

Hundreds of talented individuals that Rich has worked with over the years have evolved within their professions to be established experts, executives and leaders in the present-day workplace.  He has built an extensive list of valuable contacts over his 30-year career. His loyalty to his applicants has resulted into having some of the most influential clients working in today’s global corporate community.  He has been the career advisor to many.  Richard believes, “If you are genuine and do the right thing; success is always around the corner.”  

Career accomplishments include: 

  • Employing hundreds of individuals within global organizations.
  • Staffed multiple Consulting / Temporary Projects with several large Financial Institutions throughout the years that have saved them time, money and resources.
    • Some areas include: Operations Management, Internal Systems Integration, Compliance, Control and Risk.
  • Richard takes pride with the fact that his placements stay – most of his permanent hires are still with their respective firms several years later.

Initially, Richard worked for Cross Personnel / Snelling Staffing 1987-2006; Addison Search 2006-2010, to start and build their Jersey City Office and most recently Park Hudson International to build their Technology and Financial Services recruitment team      

In April 2017 Richard partnered with TTI of USA. This perfectly aligns his skill, knowledge and recruitment success with the technical staffing expertise of TTI’s professional team.

Avanti Markets Takes the Lead in Combatting Cyber and Payments Fraud

Avanti Markets Takes the Lead in Combatting Cyber and Payments Fraud
Strategy features cyber insurance policy and Ingenico Group’s iUC285 payment acceptance device

(TUKWILA, WA; May 12, 2017) — Avanti Markets Inc. — the largest independent micro market provider in the United States – is taking the lead in the ongoing battle against cyber and payments fraud. Staying one step ahead of this burgeoning threat, Avanti Markets announces technology advances that include a cyber insurance policy that covers all Avanti Markets operators up to $10,000,000 and deployment of Ingenico Group’s iUC285, an all-in-one contact and contactless standalone payment acceptance device.

Recognizing the damage that a security breach can cause an independent operator in terms of profitability and reputation and the fact that this threat is becoming more complex all the time, Avanti Markets has taken a multi-faceted proactive approach to protect its operators:

In response to a changing securities landscape, Avanti Markets is extending its support to operators through a customized cyber insurance policy that reduces liability, defends their business and offers extensive protection in the event of a breach occurring at any of their market locations. This cyber insurance policy is especially pertinent as companies have found themselves the unfortunate victim of data and security breaches that can result in damages to their bottom line and business reputation. Designed with the operators’ business in mind, this policy pays for a variety of coverage areas, including public relations, IT forensics and general counsel costs.

“Our main focus is enhancing our operators’ experience and solving for ways to add value and augment their business. This overall strategy delivers a path to success, now and in the future. We are extremely excited about this investment, especially with the multitude of benefits of Ingenico Group’s iUC285 cashless device as well as the added security of the cyber insurance policy,” said Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets.

Ingenico Group’s iUC285 is an integral component to providing new payment avenues for consumers within the micro market environment, which also ultimately helps give Avanti Markets’ operators a competitive edge. The device accepts all payment methods within a single module, including NFC/contactless, magstripe and EMV, and is PCI PTS 4.x certified, which ensures it meets the highest hardware and software security requirements.

“As a leader in the payments industry, Ingenico Group is excited to enable all Avanti Markets’ micro market locations nationwide with the iUC285. Bringing constant innovation and facilitating new payment options are critical within the payments industry. As a result, this device will positively impact the consumer experience and bring new opportunities to the operators, all while keeping customer payment information secure,” said Bruce Rasmussen, director of strategic verticals for Ingenico Group.

Avanti Markets recognizes the immense need for continuous innovation and the ability to provide its operators with tools to adapt to consumer demands and the highest levels of security protocols. This investment is just another example of this commitment to prepare operators for the changing landscape today and in the future.

Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets is the leading micro market provider for independent operators. Avanti Markets provides a comprehensive payments system and back-end software for licensees to operate micro markets – an unattended fresh food self-service model within the corporate environment – across the United States and Canada. With a solid dedication to continuous innovation and technology, facilitating experiences that empower the consumer and investing in the success of its licensees, Avanti Markets and its Operator Network are able to transform the breakroom for a truly unrivaled micro market experience for all. Reinvent the breakroom:

Jordan Freeman Group and ZOOM Platform Announce 3D Realms Partnership for Shadow Stalkers Episodic Computer and Video Game Series

Today, the Phoenix-based entertainment software and technology companies, Jordan Freeman Group, LLC, (JFG) and ZOOM, LLC (DBA: ZOOM Platform) officially announced Shadow Stalkers, an emergent action-adventure stealth espionage video game featuring two major Hollywood stars. Shadow Stalkers will be released episodically and each game episode will feature an additional guest star. JFG and ZOOM Platform have partnered with 3D Realms (Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Prey, Rad Rodgers, and Wolfenstein 3D) to develop Shadow Stalkers with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

Shadow Stalkers is set to be released for PC/Mac/Linux and published by Sony as a console exclusive for their PlayStation 4 in 2018.

Jordan Freeman, CEO of JFG and ZOOM Platform’s Chief Creative Officer, released a joint statement with ZOOM Platform’s Executive Chairman, Bernard Stolar: “It is with great pleasure that we announce Shadow Stalkers. We are ecstatic to be collaborating on the project with legendary 3D Realms. As an independent company, 3D Realms’ stellar track record of successful original intellectual properties speaks for itself. From Max Payne to Prey to Duke Nukem, their success is unparalleled. We are also excited to announce that we have been in extended discussions with Xsolla Capital to launch the project and have an intended close of June 30th 2017. We look forward to working on multiple projects including our MegaRace Reboot and TREMORS games with Xsolla Capital, in the very near future.”

Scott Miller, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at 3D Realms, had this to say: “All of us at 3D Realms are super excited to develop this game, which we see as a delicious blend of James Bond, Max Payne, and Hitman, with unique ingredients added in to make it even more tasty. If there’s one thing 3D Realms has a history of, it’s coming up with unique types of gameplay. We plan to put the same innovative efforts into Shadow Stalkers.”

Freeman of JFG and ZOOM Platform added: “Shadow Stalkers will prove monumental in the history of video games for several reasons. It will be the first time ever that a game was conceived directly with the talent first before going to a publisher and it will be the first time a game features guest stars in each episode much like a TV show would. Last but not least, Shadow Stalkers will re-define the Trans-Media Intellectual Property Eco-System by converging entertainment mediums and releasing a successful hybrid product combining the best of all worlds.”   

About ZOOM (a Jordan Freeman Group company):

ZOOM’s mission is to design, create, and publish traditional and interactive entertainment with a Generation X trans-media appeal. ZOOM’s products will be distributed digitally via, ZOOM Platform, along with non-exclusive third party content from both major publishers and indies with a catalog spanning the classics to new releases. ZOOM has a world-class management team with veterans from all facets of the entertainment and technology industries.

ZOOM’s Executive Chairman, Bernie Stolar, is a 30+ year veteran of the video game industry. As the first EVP of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Bernie helped introduce the PlayStation to the gaming world. As President/COO of Sega, Bernie led the launch of the Dreamcast console, the most successful console launch in the history of the industry. Stolar was also Google’s Games Evangelist after the acquisition of his Firm, AdScape Media.

ZOOM’s Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Jordan Freeman, conceived the ZOOM Platform project and built its first prototype. He also formed the Jordan Freeman Group development arm of the Company, which will focus on building franchises around ZOOM technology. These franchises will be published and distributed on ZOOM Platform. Before ZOOM, Freeman was Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Head 2 Head Gaming.

ZOOM’s Chief Financial Officer, Bernie Gilhuly, CPA, was previously SVP at One World Networks, CFO at Tribe Management Partners, and at present is a Managing Partner at LL Business Management. Bernie brings 20+ years of experience in entertainment industry finance to ZOOM.

About 3D Realms:

3D Realms is a leading episodic and online-based games studio co-founded in 1994 by Scott Miller. With the 3D Realms team, Miller has co-created and co-designed three major game franchises, with sales totaling over 18 million units: Duke Nukem, Max Payne, and Prey. In 2002, the Max Payne IP was sold to Take-Two Interactive in a deal totaling $48 million, the first deal of its kind in the industry. In 2008, Max Payne would become a 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg. In 2014, 3D Realms was acquired by SDN Invest.

360insights reveals new corporate web site with enhanced buyer’s journey and updated business metrics

Company’s new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience and reveal advanced business metrics, allowing customers to access detailed product information and share industry-leading information across all major social networking sites.

WHITBY, ON. (May 10, 2017) – The early hours of this morning saw the unveiling of an upgraded version of 360insights’ corporate website,

“This site is all about the user and their discovery process,” said 360’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Hasan Syed. “All elements of the site are meant to provide answers to our client’s questions in the most succinct and informative way while offering a user experience that is intuitive and even fun for them.”

360insights corporate web siteWith each enhancement to 360’s Channel Success Platform™, the company gets closer to its ultimate goal of delivering predictive data insights for its clients and allowing them to leverage this power to always run the right incentive programs at the right time, underpinned by the company’s Channel Marketing Engine. The new website has been deployed to reflect 360insights’ more sophisticated understanding of how their offering solves the business problems of their clients and the site proposes to convey value to prospects via this refined understanding of their needs and perspectives.

To that end, the most significant changes visitors will find are in the language of how 360’s products are described in a way that is meant to resonate with the needs of our clients, down to consideration of their specific roles within their own organizations.   Additionally, the new site continues 360’s tradition of transparency through the sharing of such key metrics as the value of claims processed in 2016, client retention rate and client distribution by vertical. All of these are shared in order to support the buyer’s journey and help them self-select whether or not further discovery is a good next step.

“The new site is a further expression of our dedication to working with customer-obsessed client partners,” said 360’s founder and CEO, Jason Atkins. “For 360 to stay authentic to our own vision and demonstrate dedication to helping our clients provide the best possible user experience for their promotional programs, we need to keep lockstep with the needs of those clients and continue to improve their user experience as they grow with us.”