Arizona’s Premier Diamond Wholesaler Brands Smart Cut Diamonds With New Website And Showroom

Scottsdale, Arizona. August 17, 2017 – After years of preparation and planning, one of the  United States’ premier diamond wholesalers is excited to announce the launch of the new  Smart Cut™ Diamonds brand, website and showroom.

Smart Cut™ Diamonds – who has branded a smarter way to cut diamonds – welcomes        consumers to visit their new website at

Home to Arizona’s finest collection of premium quality diamonds and jewelry, Smart Cut™        Diamonds new private showroom, open by appointment only, overlooks the heart of Old Town Scottsdale from the 10th floor executive suite of the Camelback Tower at 6900 E. Camelback Rd.

Supported by a powerful and unparalleled wholesale network, Smart Cut™ Diamond’ knowledgeable and highly-trained diamond experts work relentlessly, curating and assembling a unique collection of brilliantly cut diamonds that cannot be found anywhere else.

Smart Cut™ Diamonds are unique in that they deliver a profoundly larger visual impact than an ordinary diamond. Cut in a revolutionary way that showcases the face-up surface area of the stone, Smart Cut™ Diamonds have superior discernible size from traditionally cut ordinary stones. Each Smart Cut™ Diamonds is hand selected to produce incredible scintillation and sparkle across this larger, more impressive surface area.

At any carat weight, Smart Cut™ Diamonds are more valuable than ordinary diamonds because they increase the overall visual size of the stone by as much as 25%. When viewed side-by-side, the difference is almost overwhelming. With the rarity of Smart Cut™ Diamonds, buyers can be confident knowing they have one of the world’s most impressive diamonds

All Smart Cut Diamonds™ are conflict free and adhere to the strict guidelines of the Kimberly Process.

“Seeing is believing. When you see the difference a Smart Cut Makes, you will understand,” said  Ilan Weslar, founder of Smart Cut™ Diamonds

Alongside the new showroom, Smart Cut™ Diamonds has launched a new website which can be viewed at The website is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn more about diamonds, diamond buying, and Smart Cut Diamonds™ themselves.

Regardless of budget, occasion, or style, a Smart Cut™ Diamond is superior to an ordinary diamond in every way. The best way to discover how incredible Smart Cut™ Diamonds truly are, is to view them in person and compare them side by side with ordinary diamonds. Appointments to visit the private showroom can be made on the Smart Cut Diamonds website or by calling (602)910-3991. 

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