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Welcome to Damsels in Success, our niche of the Internet where we are fostering and empowering growth in women owned businesses. We offer a support system full of advise, expertise, motivation and resources for women running a business today.

Meet the editor

TessaHey, I’m Tessa and I am the editor for Damsels in Success. I got my degree in journalism and discovered a passion for entrepreneurship along the way. While working in D.C. the summer after my junior year I found myself surrounded by incredible women who were balancing careers, family and having fun while doing so. I was inspired by these women and realized I could share their stories and help other women working in business through this website. I also work at an online marketing startup called Trafficado. If you are interested in blogging on the site or know of an interesting topic that you’d like to hear more about, Let me know!


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