6 Ways to Avoid Distractions While On the Computer

imagesOne of the hardest things to do is to stay productive when there is the whole Internet just calling your name. There are so many things you could be doing, and so many awesome websites you could look at. However, you know that you need to stay productive and not get distracted. So, how do you keep yourself from getting distracted?

Turn off Instant Messaging

You may feel like it’s only a few minute conversation that you are having, but every time you get a message from someone, it is interrupting what you are supposed to be doing. This will distract you, and once you are distracted it is easy to continue being distracted. So, unless it is vitally important, turn off your instant messaging.

Invest in a Program that Blocks Network Connections

There are a variety of software programs that can block your Internet connection, or pieces of it, for a set amount of time. These allow you to select how long you don’t want to be distracted, and how much you want to limit yourself. For example, the program Freedom will completely block you out of any network communication. ┬áIf you use Mac, another option is Anti-Social that blocks social media websites.

Turn off Notifications

Your cell phone can be just as distracting as anything else, if not more so. Make sure that you turn off notifications if you want to stay distraction-free. Each time your phone beeps, tweets, or dings, you are tempted to check and see what is going on. Is it an email? A text? Did someone update something important on Facebook? Letting yourself give into the notifications will ensure that you get distracted frequently.

Stay off the Computer

If you find yourself searching DSL Internet options when you should be working, considering staying off the computer. Of course, it depends on what you need to do. However, many projects can be done with other tools, such as pen and paper. Doing initial steps off of the computer can help you stay focused, since you are well and truly away from the distractions.

Plan and Take Breaks

Don’t forget that breaks are important. Though it may seem counterproductive at first, remember that your brain does need time to rest every once in a while. Because of this, you are going to be most productive when you have breaks. Do something that you enjoy during your break, but don’t let yourself get too carried away.

Keep a Routine

Maintaining a routine will help you stay focused. When you know exactly what you are going to do and when, you are able to keep going. You know when you will take your next break. You are able to keep track of what you have done, and what still needs to be taken care of. We are creatures of habit, and having a routine will ensure that you stay as focused as possible.

It’s easy to get distracted. Friends and coworkers will link you funny pictures or interesting articles. Being able to ignore these things until you are done working helps you stay productive.









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