5 Ways To Monitor Customer Satisfaction in Your Small Business

customer-satisfaction-approachCustomer satisfaction should be a top priority for any small business owner. If you don’t meet the needs of your customers, you are going to lose them and any possibility of profits. What are five ways that you can measure the level of customer satisfaction for your company?

1) Monitor Your Social Media Presence

Customer feedback from social media should be monitored at all times. Social media is a place where your customers are going to offer unbiased and uncensored opinions relating to your company. Make sure that you can learn from what your customers are saying about your business. Engage customers to discuss products and encourage them to join your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages for regular updates.

2) Communicate With Customers Via Phone Or Email

As soon as a customer makes a purchase, invite that customer to send you a phone call, email, or quick comment about their experience. Your customers are often willing to tell you what your business does right and what it does wrong, especially if there is some form of incentive for the customer. Phone calls and emails are a preferred way to leave feedback because the customer can talk to or get a reply from a real person.

3) Have Your Customers Take Surveys

Customers are sometimes willing to take surveys and rate their experiences with a company. You can make a survey even more attractive to a customer by offering a prize or incentive to anyone who returns a completed questionnaire. Having customers take a survey can be an important tool when it comes to customer experience analytics.

4) Use Your Website To Solicit Feedback

Your company website is a great place for customers to leave feedback regarding their latest experience with your company. You should have comment boxes, links to corporate email addresses and other options for customers to leave feedback. In some cases, it may be a good idea to invite your customers to leave comments on your company blog as well.

5) Ask Them Directly

It never hurts to ask a customer for direct feedback while they are shopping in your store or on your website. You can take a minute or two to simply ask how they thought the service was and if they found everything that they were looking for. In general, happy customers will be able to find what they need and get on with their day.

Your customers should always come first. Therefore, take the time to make sure that they are happy with the products and service they receive from your company. Asking them directly, monitoring social media feeds and having them take surveys are all great ways to ensure that your customers are happy with your company.

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