5 Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal_injury_lawyer_2Personal injuries are among the most common legal proceedings taken against employers and councils, with employees and members of the public affected by avoidable incidents that leave them with often severe and life-changing injuries. For those affected by workplace injuries it can be particularly difficult to commence legal proceedings in the pursuit of compensation for fear of losing their jobs after suing the firm, but choosing a high quality personal injury lawyer to handle your claim can help to make the process much more amicable.

We’re all too aware of the number of companies offering to take care of our personal injury claims, with specialist law firms being established with the soul aim of helping people get “the compensation they deserve” following the accident that wasn’t of their own doing. But, as mentioned, with so many firms to choose between what makes one any different to the next?

While this isn’t the precise guide to follow, here are five top tips for choosing your personal injury lawyer, helping you to proceed in a friendly and professional way throughout your claim, as opposed to a cut-throat “where’s my fee” culture associated with some legal firms.

The first step is to ensure that the specific lawyer assigned to your case or the firm you choose to employ have experience in the field of personal injury. While they might be an amazing company with a proven track record of winning big cases, if they don’t know the first thing about personal injury law, the chances of winning your case are already compromised.

You should also ensure that the company claiming to be “personal injury specialists” is as they describe. For a company or individual to be practicing personal injury law, they need to be certified by the Ministry of Justice.

A lot of legal firms are only in it for the money, unfortunately, which gives the profession a bad name. To ensure that you’re working with someone who is focused on getting the right result for you, look for a company working on a no-win no-fee basis, which proves that they won’t get paid if they don’t win your case. Many will turn down the chance to proceed with your case if they don’t feel as though you have a claim, which can also be highly beneficial as it saves you the stress of court proceedings.

Keep an eye out for a lawyer that will go the extra mile for their clients. Many lawyers will attend the initial meeting, acquire the information they need and see you in the courtroom, never to be seen or heard from in between or afterwards. However, if you can get a personal touch from your legal representative, (like this example of Attorney Morgan Chu in the United States), then you can feel yourself that you’re much more likely to win your case. Someone who takes a personal interest in you and your situation is more likely to fight your corner than someone in it for the money.

Finally, you should never be afraid of asking questions throughout your legal proceedings. Any lawyer worthy of their qualifications and of your money for backing your case should be willing to talk whenever you need to, and happy to answer any queries you may have, providing you with piece of mind from the initial meeting until the handshake outside the courtroom, and even beyond.


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    The lawyer that you choose to handle your personal injury case should be talented and experienced enough to fight against the well experienced lawyer hired by the insurance company.

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