5 Powerful, Alternative Marketing Strategies for 2013

imagesIn today’s economic climate, marketing has never been so important. While you know that your marketing mix is important, you will need to focus on alternative strategies that will communicate your message more effectively if you want to compete. Direct mail marketing, billboard advertising, and radio advertisements are all still effective ways to reach your target audience, reinforce your brand, and promote your products or services, but implementing new marketing ideas in 2013 is critical. Here are 5 affordable yet powerful alternatives strategies that you can implement into your marketing campaign this year.

1. Express Your Opinions to Be Heard

You know that Internet marketing is important, but are you using your social profiles to their full potential. If you want your message to be heard, you will have a lot of noise to compete with. Many of the companies in your industry are saying the same thing, so to cut through the noise you need a different message. One way to be heard by the masses is to express your own original opinions and thoughts. While you are taking on more risk to be criticized or judged, you are also getting the attention you need to stand apart.

2. Crafting a Story Worth Sharing

You want likes, retweets, and referrals. While your marketing message may describe what value you can offer and your mission statement as a company, you need to create content that is truly worth sharing if you do not want your messages to be filtered out. Craft a press release or a true story about your business that people would want to read and encourage your target audience to share and repost.

3. Form a Proactive Strategy

Being reactive is important is a public relations crisis, but when it comes to marketing, being proactive is the best alternative. Test and measure your current campaigns, adjust your strategies accordingly, and move forward by scrapping efforts that are not working and focusing on those that are.

4. Creating Content for the Web

You know that website content is important, but do you know how important content off of your website is? Off-page content is a critical part of optimizing your website for more traffic. It can be posted to blogs or article directories and must be informative and relevant to your industry. By implementing this strategy, you can increase traffic to your site and establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

5. Re-branding

Does your branding really stand out? Can it be identified easily? Sometimes, revamping your branding to breathe life into it is essential to marketing. By reviewing your logo, your printed materials, your images, your graphic design, and everything related to branding, you can breathe life into your efforts and better connect to a targeted audience.

Marketing is not all about spending a small fortune for a television commercial or a radio spot. While these are techniques that will contribute, these alternative marketing strategies are effective way to communicate the right message on a limited budget.

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