5 Keys to Running an Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign

5-tips-to-revitalize-your-lead-nurturing-campaign-part-2Missing out on an opportunity to properly engage a lead means losing the opportunity to sell to a contact. With a great lead nurturing campaign, the conversion rate improves. Here are five key tips to running an effective lead nurturing campaign.

Nix the promotional language. A person who has requested information from you wants to hear more about the product or service. This is your chance to provide additional, valuable information to the lead. Make the content provided informative and enlightening. People are extremely shrewd and know when they are being sold to. To prevent prospects from tuning out, filter out the sales language. Avoid the practice of over-selling.

Focus on the pain. When a person wants to learn more about a product or service, he or she wants you to speak directly to the pain of the problem. The easiest way to convince a prospect is to address the concerns that keep them up late at night. The email copy should address those pains. Research shows that people can connect more with marketing messaging that isn’t overly promotional in nature.

Categorize your contacts appropriately. A person responding to a blog post is entirely different from a person who has filled out a contact form to request more information. Qualifying your contacts appropriately provides you with an opportunity to properly address each prospect with the right messaging.

Your system components should be easy to track. An overly complicated system may seem ideal for a business, but it may be inappropriate for the company. Make sure that the system’s components can be properly tracked. If it’s too complex, scale it down into something measurable. It may be necessary to start out with a much smaller system that is much easier to manage than developing a much larger system where scoring would be more difficult.

Match the person to the best solution. This can be hard for the business owner who really needs business, but this is about building trust. If after taking an honest inventory of the solution you have to offer to the prospect you determine your solution isn’t really what they need, refer them to another resource. Qualify your leads with integrity and build trust.

Make sure that every correspondence with your contact is purposeful and fits the position he or she occupies within the funnel. Treat every lead as a potential dollar that your company could possibly generate. Engage each lead on every level and move them along through the funnel with great content to build trust with your leads. Following these recommendations to properly qualify and nurture your leads is the best way to improve your conversion rate.

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This article was written by Hayley Granton and Michael Myles. Follow Michael on Google+. Visit http://www.activeinternetmarketing.com/blog/online-business-strategy/lead-nurturing/  to learn how lead nurturing can help increase your sales.



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